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How To Maintain Your Trolling Motor And Maximise Its Lifespan

Everyone knows that a trolling motor should be maintained properly to increase its lifespan. Even though these motors are built to last these days, irregular maintenance could cause premature wear and tear. If you are unsure how to maintain your motor, we have lined up the best tips and hints below.

How Do I Clean The Exterior Of A Trolling Motor?

One of the first things to do when you maintain your trolling motor is clean the exterior of the motor. Naturally, this is the relatively straightforward part of the maintenance process.

When you clean the exterior of your trolling motor, always make sure you remove any dirt a and weeds that may be present on the exterior. Of course, keep your own safety in mind when you do this and always make sure that it is removed from the boat or properly secured. If it is not properly secured, tighten the bolts on the motor to avoid further problems.

To clean the exterior of the motor, there are many specialist products you can use. However, you can also use a simple detergent and water solution. When using this solution, be careful not to use any harsh chemicals, as this could damage the protection layer on the exterior of your motor.

How Do I Check And Maintain The Propeller?

The propeller is one of the most important parts of your trolling motor, so it is no surprise that you will be paying extra attention where this part is concerned. The following actions are therefore recommended for each propeller maintenance session.

Check for exterior damage - Before you get into the nitty gritty of your propeller, always check the edges of the propeller for any visible damage. Even though damage is quite unlikely on a relatively new propeller, there are many objects in the water that could influence its effectiveness.

It is not uncommon to notice some minor scratches around the edges of your propeller. When this occurs, use some fine sandpaper to make the surface even again, this will make your propeller more effective and reduce the impact of scratches on its overall performance.

Check for unwelcome objects - There are a lot of things that can get stuck in your propeller, this includes weeds and even fishing line. Because this kind of thing does happen frequently, experts recommend inspecting the propeller for every 15 hours of use.

Most weeds and fishing line around the propeller can easily be removed manually. However, there are situations where a delicate cutting tool must be used. These accessories are available at Anaconda.

In some cases, weeds and fishing line can get tangled into the mechanism of the propeller. When this is the case, you will need to take out the manual of your propeller and open it up. Check the drive shaft and use tools such as a pair of tweezers to manipulate the objects and remove them from your propeller.

Do I Need To Maintain The Electricals Of My Trolling Motor?

Just like all the other aspects of your trolling motor, it is necessary to maintain any electrical elements, this includes the battery of the motor as well as any electrical wiring that is present.

When checking the electricals, it is important to look for signs of corrosion, this is usually noticeable by brown stains or residue on the wires, near the wires, or the battery. When you see signs of corrosion, or any other signs of electrical damage, you should always take your trolling motor to a professional for repair. Wiring can be relatively delicate, and you do not want to damage your trolling motor by making an incorrect repair.

Buying Trolling Motor Accessories From Anaconda

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