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Make sure you are equipped for all eventualities when going rock climbing, sports climbing, alpine climbing, big wall climbing, ice climbing and canyoning with these different types and sizes of rope at Anaconda.

Find different sizes of rope to suit your activity and climbing gear, all available by the metre, allowing you to get as much or as little as is needed, as well as several specially designed rope bags to store and transport your rope safely and securely. Multi-purpose outdoor rope completes the range.

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Can I buy ropes at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. We have a wide range of ropes at Anaconda to fit a variety of different scenarios and situations. Whether you are climbing up a mountain or looking for that super strong rope for your 4WD recovery kit, we have the rope that you are looking for. For premium quality ropes with excellent knotability, browse our collection of ropes, each of which have been purposely designed to fit your outdoor needs. Shop online or in one of our nationwide stores today.

Which is the right rope for me?

Rope is a critical piece of most hikers or survivalists kit and can be used to get you out of many difficult and sometimes life-threatening situations. Your choice of rope depends on what activity you are doing really, and each of our ropes have been purposely designed for their specific job. The strength of a rope determines how heavy a load it can handle, and the term breaking strength refers to the amount of weight a rope can bear without breaking, and you should check this in relation to your desired load. Check out our types of ropes below for further help in choosing the perfect one for you.

What are the different types of rope that I may need?

There have been many different types of rope created since it was first used thousands of years ago, and these are just some of the examples of the most popular ones.

Twisted Rope: Also known as laid rope, twisted rope looks like a spiral, and it is essentially made of three strands that have been twisted together.

Braided ropes: Built by weaving fibre strands, braided ropes it is available in two different types, hollow and double braided. There are many different combinations of the two, and the braided rope is often used by sailors.

Kernmantle design: This features an inner core made of separate strands and an outer jacket that is resistant to abrasion, resulting in rope that has a kernmantle design being particularly popular amongst climbers.

Bungee cord: Bungee cord is a shock cord that is able to absorb fall, it is an elastic rope that consists of one or more elastic strands and an outer sheath made of propylene or woven cotton.

Paracord: Paracord is a favourite of many outdoor adventurers. Originally designed for parachutes, this is a lightweight nylon rope that is designed using kernmantle nylon technology, and it is often seen to be an essential part of any survivalists kit.

What do I need to consider when buying climbing rope?

The quality of climbing ropes is particularly important, and you should carefully check your ropes for any damage, before embarking on your trip. There are two main types of ropes available for climbing, dynamic and static. Static ropes do not stretch when they bear a fall and should only be used for hauling gear up a route, abseiling and caving. A dynamic rope should be used for lead climbing, seconding or roping as they stretch, absorbing energy and reducing the impact of a fall.

There are three different types of dynamic ropes, including single, half ropes and twin ropes. Single ropes are usually around 10mm in diameter and are ideal for sport climbing, top roping and big wall routes. Whereas, half ropes are thinner, usually between 8 and 9 mm, used primarily for mountaineering or ice climbing, and are usually clipped using a double rope technique. Twin ropes are used for similar purposes, but they are thinner and differ in the method that they are clipped in.

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