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Responsible Down Standard

The Responsible Down Standard ensures that the down and feathers in these certified garments come from ducks and geese that have been treated well. This means enabling them to live healthy lives, express innate behaviours, and not suffer any pain, fear or distress.

The standard follows the chain of custody from farm to product, so you can be confident that the down and feathers in these certified products are truly RDS.

For more information: http://responsibledown.org

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Can In purchase Responsible Down clothing from Anaconda?

Yes, you can. At Anaconda, we have a wide selection of clothing that meets the Responsible Down Standard. Providing insulation that is produced in environments where animal welfare is of the highest priority. Stay warm and toasty with this ethical collection, with a wide array of styles, colours and designs available. With unmatchable insulation, innovative design technology, and jackets and vests from some of the biggest brands around, shop the Responsible Down Standard Collection online or at your local Anaconda store today.

What is the Responsible Down Standard?

The responsible down standard is a mark of approval, ensuring that your new down jacket or vest in no way supports the mistreatment of animals. The RDS launched in 2014, and it protects animal welfare on the basis of the animals five freedoms. These include freedom from hunger and thirst, discomfort, inhumane treatment and mental suffering, and they ensure that any down or feathers that have met this standard have not been obtained through the use of inhumane methods such as force-feeding or live-plucking. Down is a by-product of the meat market and instead of being wasted, the down and feathers are cleaned, sanitised and recycled to be used in bedding and clothing. This means that the RDS is a great way in which the outdoor industry can have a positive influence on animal welfare, supporting the humane treatment of ducks and geese.

What is included in this range?

This range includes a selection of down vests and jackets for men, women and children, that have been created using down and feathers that carry the responsible down standard. A cosy down-filled coat is always a reliable source of heat, plus this style is indeed in fashion at the moment. Be right on trend and choose from this collection for fabulous ethically sourced down. This ideal insulating layer in unbeatable for warmth and with the RDS logo, you can appreciate the delights even more. There is a wide range of styles to choose from, with lighter options and heavier ones, vests, jackets, and a whole array of colours and designs.

What is fill power and why is it important?

The larger the fill power, the warner your jacket will be, and choosing a high fill power is associated with a larger quantity of down clusters per square metre of the jacket. Fill power refers to the measurement of the loft or the fluffiness of the down fill. Down clothing fill power usually ranges from round 500-900 and this represents the volume in a single gram of down when it has been fully 'fluffed' up. The fine tendrils and fibres that make up the duck down are a highly efficient means of trapping and holding air to provide a super effective thermal barrier. Whether you are looking for a lighter jacket for your outdoor excursions or something bulkier to keep you warm, you are sure to find it amongst this collection.

How should I wash my new down clothing?

Well, that does depend on which of these jackets or vests you have picked, and we always recommend reading the care instructions before you begin. Most of these products are not suitable for machine washing and should be hand washed only. It is essential that you do not allow the garment to soak in water for an extended period of time and that you use only a mild detergent and no fabric conditioner. Rinse your jacket or vest thoroughly by lightly squeezing out any excess water, but do not wring it. Allow the garment to dry outside, and do not tumble dry. Always ensure that your item has thoroughly dried before storage, and avoid the use of any harsh chemicals or abrasive solutions.

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