Responsible Down Standard Collection

The Responsible Down Standard is aimed at ensuring all down feathers used in clothing and other products come from animals that have not been subjected to undue harm or suffering, and the ideal is supported by Anaconda brands and manufacturers.

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The 'standard' rewards and influences responsible down and feather harvesting with a strong focus on animal welfare. The standard provides companies and consumers with an understanding of the products they are purchasing.

The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) is independent and global, offering companies the opportunity to verify their products. The standard has been formalised with the input of welfare groups, industry experts, major brands and retailers. Responsible down is produced by people who are morally responsible for their behaviour, including major brands showcased at Anaconda.

Garment producers need to satisfy stringent regulations to be certified as Responsible Down Standard (RDS). Every stage of production is audited by professionals and certification experts. The brand and suppliers discuss their down supply chain, with each step of the chain inspected for certification by regulatory officials.

Factories and manufacturers of Responsible Down Standard products are inspected to ensure all garments and other down items are properly identified and kept separate from non-certified products. RDS jackets are in vogue, and Anaconda provides some of the warmest clothing on the market, from major manufacturers such as Cederberg, Cape and The North Face.

Cederberg Men's Super Goose Down Jacket: If windproof, waterproof, warming and lightweight qualities are your style, it's hard to go past the Super Goose Down Jacket with 700 Fill RDS down. This quality garment can be packed small and will bounce back into shape year after year. Suitable for all winter adventures and high country getaways, this jacket keeps the warmth locked in and has a UPF 50+ rating.

Cederberg Women's Mawson Goose Down Jacket: Another great product from Cederberg, this women's jacket is tailor made for extra warmth. When a serious top layer is required for combatting chilly weather, a goose down jacket fits the bill perfectly, and this garment has 700 Fill RDS water resistant goose down for mastering winter fun.

Cederberg Youth Balor Goose Down Jacket: Style and comfort are on display with the Responsible Down Collection at Anaconda. The Cederberg Youth Balor Jacket will have young adults looking smart on the slopes, at the cabin, or around town. The amazing 700 Fill RDS down retains its shape for years.

Cape Kids Travel-Lite Down Jacket: Available in classic and cute colours, the Cape Kids Travel-Lite Down Jacket is a real winner. This stylish garment is 90% 550 Fill RDS duck down and 10% feathers, making it incredibly lightweight and convenient to store in a carry bag or backpack. At Anaconda, responsible down standard products are at prices regular Australians can afford, allowing you to fit out the entire family without breaking the bank.

Cederberg Women's Lerato Duck Down Vest: This is a smart layered accessory for combatting chilly winds while on the trail or at the campsite. The Women's Lerato Duck Down Vest boasts 550 Fill RDD duck down, a removable hood with faux fur, 2 zipped pockets and warm body hugging style. This lightweight garment takes only moments to put on and zip up for instant warmth.

The North Face Men's Aconcagua Jacket: This supremely warm jacket is available in several colour options to match your outdoor style. Features include 550 Fill RDS goose down with synthetic-insulated side and shoulder panels. Secure hand pockets and a zip chest pocket keep everything in order, and the famous baffled construction prevents cold spots and locks in warmth.

Responsible Down Standard Collection products are a big hit at Anaconda, and we are dedicated to supporting sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturers and products.



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