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I got into Snowboarding when I went to the snow one weekend with some friends I had never Snowboard in my life, but when I finally learnt to clip into the board and stand without falling I was Chute Chute Chute down the mountains.

It wasn't till last year I got a season pass at Mt Buller and I was there on the mountain getting the first runs in nearly every weekend.

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I love Snowboarding cause you get that adrenaline rush as you race down the mountains as fast as you want it’s just myself and the snowboard. Not having fear and having control I enjoy pushing my limits. 
Check Out Our Snow Profiles
Best days I’ve had on the mountain is when the sun is out and snow is perfect not icy and trying new runs and learning new tricks. 
Check Out Our Snow Profiles

2XU compression skins I wear these under my snow pants for a quick Recovery, I will always layup on top with Thermals, Vest and my Snow jacket & I can’t go without my I-pod to plug in for some tunes.

On the super cold days when it’s raining or snowing I may wear two pairs of socks to keep warm.

Check Out Our Snow Profiles
Wearing a Helmet even though the snow looks soft but going fast down the hill and falling can really hurt learnt this from experience. Layers even if it looks sunny once you get on top of the mountain or the chairlift it gets so cold from the wind Neck warmer is always a good idea to put in your pocket just in case.
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