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Snow Adventure Checklist

Australia has only a small area of pristine alpine environment, and the weather can be extreme. Yet there are a diverse range of recreational activities that are participated in the Alps. Everyone can work together to respect the land and environment, so that it may remain wild and unchanged.

Here are some things to consider...

Plan ahead and prepare

Research the alpine environment you intend to travel to, gather weather information and technical skills for the activity you are participating in.

Repackage food to minimise waste and carry water.

Pack clothing that will keep you warm even when wet. Take extra sets of dry clothing.

Let someone know where you are intending to ski or board.

Stick to the trails and durable surfaces such as rocks, snow, gravel or sand.

Alpine plant communities are fragile and take many years to grow, so avoid these surfaces. When snow camping, try and use the area for only one night to reduce your impact at that site.

Travel and camp on durable surfaces

Dispose of waste properly "Pack it in, pack it out". Snow can hide a million sins, so take out all rubbish, food and litter in stuff sacks or zip lock bags.

If there are no toilets, deposit human waste into a "cat hole" about 20cm deep and cover thoroughly. Do this 100 metres away from any water source. Bare ground can often be found near a tree and if not, "pack it out" using pre-purchased disposable tubes.

Leave what you find

Leave rocks, leaves, other natural objects and historical artefacts as you find them, take lots of photos instead.

Clean the dirt out of your boots to prevent plant disease & unwanted weeds entering the alpine environment.

Minimise campfire impacts

As the alpine environment is incredibly fragile it is best to carry a portable stove for all of your cooking needs.

The plant growth is very slow and would suffer tremendously if wood was to be used for a few moments of warmth.

Respect wildlife

Observe wildlife from a distance and avoid startling them.

Do not feed birds and other wildlife as it can cause them to be reliant on human food and could cause serious illness.

Store your food in containers animals cannot access.

Be considerate of your hosts & other visitors

Think about other visitors that are enjoying the peace and solitude, try to keep noise to a minimum. Yield to others on the trails, move aside to let someone pass.

Here is the gear that we suggest you take...



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