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#PaddleWithAnaconda Kayaking Adventure Checklist

Kayaking Adventure Checklist

More people than ever are participating in kayaking and with Australia's boundless coastlines, rivers and lake systems, it is imperative that we take care and leave no trace of our adventure in these wild places.

Here are some things to consider...

Plan ahead and prepare

Prepare for extreme weather, hazards, and emergencies.

Gain skills and obtain the correct gear for kayaking that will keep you safe.

Know the regulations and obtain any relevant permits for the area you'll visit.

Paddle with a buddy or small group for safety.

Repackage food to minimise waste.

Travel and camp on durable surfaces

Choose a durable site to launch your kayak such as rocks sandy or embankments in rock on the intertidal zone.

Lift your boat wherever possible to lessen the impact.

Do not set up camp in sand dunes, choose a durable site below the high tide zone or on sand bars in river corridors.

Minimise campfire impacts

Check local regulations and observe total fire ban days before lighting a fire.

Consider if a fire is really necessary. If you need a fire, use an established fire ring. If there is no fire ring, excavate a shallow depression in the sand below the high tide line. Be sure to remove and scatter all ash before filling in depression.

Use only dead and downed wood that is around 50cm long and no thicker than your wrist. Ideally use a portable stove to cook.

Dispose of waste properly

"Pack it in, pack it out". Take out all rubbish, food and litter in stuff sacks or zip lock bags.

Do not dump oil overboard.

In ocean environments, transport solid human waste to disperse into deep water that has strong current and wave action.

Leave what you find

Leave rocks, shells, other natural objects and historical artefacts as you find them, take lots of photos instead.

Respect wildlife

While on the water, observe wildlife from a distance and avoid startling them.

Do not feed fish, birds and other wildlife as it can cause them to be reliant on human food and could cause serious illness.

Store your food in containers marine life cannot access.

Be considerate of your hosts & other visitors

Think about other visitors that are enjoying the peace and solitude, try to keep noise to a minimum.

Here is the gear that we suggest you take...

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