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Week 6: The Long Weekend by Andrew Ettingshausen

Wow what an awesome long weekend we had here in NSW. The weather was incredible with no wind and temperatures creeping into the early 20's. I was holidaying with my family and friends at The Entrance a couple of hours north of Sydney. We headed up Friday afternoon and arrived to catch a beautiful sunset. My good mate Paul was itching for an early morning fish and as we were staying a couple of hundred metres from the beach the plan was to get up at 6:30am, grab the long rods and pilchard baits and get the sand between our toes.

The sun was rising fast as we cast into this neat gutter we spotted from the sand dune on the way in. Taking time to check out the beach formation is crucial to catching a few fish. I usually look at where the waves are breaking and this always happens over the sand banks so no good fishing there. Where the sand banks finish and meet the deeper water is often worth a further look. We decided to fish a deep gutter close to shore, which worked its way out to sea through a large opening. You could see the water foaming on the edge before pouring out through the channel.

I cast out my rig, which was a set of 4 Gamakatsu gang hooks with a swivel tied to the end hook and a ball sinker on top. I used 20 lb fluorocarbon trace, which ran for 2 metres and was tied to 20 lb braid. The rod and reel combo was a Shimano 902 Quickfire II Shore Spin 5-10 kilo combo that you can purchase at your local Anaconda store. This is a great rig for fishing off the beach, shore or boat and backed by the strong Shimano name you can be assured that if you clean and wash down your gear it will last for years.

Pulling in a Beefy Tailor

First up was a nice Salmon followed by a healthy Tailor. The swell was dropping and the sea becoming glassier as the morning crept on. The bite was frantic and after a few missed hook-ups a solid fish slammed my pilchard bait. Both Salmon and Tailor love to jump and after thinking it was a solid salmon my opinion changed as a large silver Tailor leapt skyward.

This was the first, and soon Paul and I had racked up a handy catch. What a great weekend.

My mate Paul with his nice Tailor

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