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Week 3: The Mighty Marlin By Andrew Ettingshausen

I was just running over some of my favourite summer fishing trips this year and catching a little Black Marlin off South West Rocks out of our new Quintrex Trident came to mind.

Marlin fishing out of trailer-boats is great fun and being able to catch them along the QLD and NSW coast only a few kilometres off shore makes chasing these gamefish accessible and possible for many anglers. Small Black Marlin are fun but catching those monsters off the reefs in Far North Queensland is a sight to behold.

I have been fortunate to catch many different types of Gamefish over my fishing life, but I will never forget my first trip to the Ribbon Reefs off the coat of Far North Queensland twenty odd years ago with a group of mates headed by then Shimano Australia boss John Dunphy.

Marlin possess awesome power

We headed north passing Ribbon number 5 and suddenly the skipper shouted "fish on the right rigger". I focussed in to see a large shape slashing its bill across our Scaly Mackerel skip bait. Within seconds the line pinged from the outrigger clip and the big Shimano squealed as the line rumbled off the spool. Black smoke filled the air as the fish came up tight and leapt across the ocean. Terry jumped in the chair with the reel rattling as 80 pound line disappeared from the spool. My eyes were as big as dinner plates as the boat reversed into the light swell covering Terry with a refreshing spray of saltwater. The battle was on as Terry wound like crazy to stay connected to the huge fish. The skipper communicated to the crew and as the fish tired, the lead deckhand grabbed the trace and brought the fish within tagging range. The fish seeing the boat stirred. Line ripped from the decky's hand as the 850-pound fish exploded once more beside the boat, showing her magnificent size and strength. The decky took a few quick wraps then brought the fish in tight to the boat. The tag was set and a frenzy of laughter and celebrations commenced. Wow, what a battle and what a fish!

Cheers went up, as the Marlin swam off strongly into the abyss.

The fishing was as good as the weather, absolutely perfect. We went on to catch 5 big fish that day with mine being a 750 pounder that went deep twice before I was able to coax her close enough to be tagged.

Catching a nice little black marlin from our Quintrex Trident

Marlin are such a beautiful species and definitely one of the most adrenalin pumping fish to catch in the ocean. If you are a keen angler, then catching one of these amazing fish has to be on your "must do" list.

Enjoy your Fishing


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