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Week 2: Wash Fishing with Andrew Ettingshausen

One of my favourite types of fishing is known as wash fishing. This is where you travel along the coast, casting back towards the rocks. We like to do this when the winds are blowing off shore or very light. The species you can catch doing this along the NSW Coast include bream, drummer, blackfish, groper, salmon, tailor, kingfish, mulloway and snapper.

Cape, white foam wash

It's always good to call into the bakers and get some stale bread for burley. We usually put the bread in a bucket with some salt water and scrunch up the bread into fist-sized balls, which we then throw into the washes ahead of our bait. The burley gets the fish stirred up and ready for action.

Burley, bread bombs

The rig I like to use is a 10ft 5-10 kg rod, 15 pound braid onto a 12 pound trace. A small bobby cork sits above a small ball sinker, onto a 1/0 Gamakatsu hook. The baits we like to use are peeled prawns, pink yabbie's, pilchard or bread.

We adjust the stopper knot to the depth we want to fish, so if the water is 10ft deep where we want to cast to, we put the stopper knot at 9ft so that the bait washes around just off the bottom. This prevents your line snagging up. We cast our floats and bait into the foamy white water as close to the rocks as possible, this is where the fish are feeding. As soon as the float goes down, we strike hard and wind like crazy! Many of the species we target like to run back under the rock ledges so it's important to strike fast and pull the fish away from the rocks.

Squid caught in net

Enjoy your fishing


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