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Is there a mattress included in a swag or do I need to purchase a foam mattress?

Smart travellers these days know the importance of swags and the role they play in giving them the ultimate outdoor experience. However, many still wonder – does a swag already include a mattress or not?

It is important to know whether you need to purchase a foam mattress so you don’t have to pay extra for a separate mattress. Luckily, Anaconda offers a wide range of swags, all with a foam mattress attached!

This Gear Guide provides you with a list of swag options, all of which can easily be purchased in-store or online from Anaconda. For convenience, comfort and style, read on about the swags with mattresses available here at Anaconda - Australia’s largest camping and adventure superstore.

First, Why Buy Swags?

Swags are the portable sleeping units preferred by every modern camper. They are the updated version of the traditional "tents" people once pitched manually in the great outdoors. Sometimes called the “backpack bed”, swags are designed to be easy to carry. They’re basically your shelter rolled in a traditional fashion.

The convenience brought by swags makes them the perfect outdoor companion. With swags, you get protection from harsh or unexpected weather. Most swags come with a waterproof canvas over the sleeping compartment. You can go to sleep at night without worrying about annoying water leaks or uncomfortable moisture. The design also makes sure that there’s enough ventilation, so you don’t have to worry about the intense heat from the sun. Moreover, the makers of different swags understand how a camping trip can be ruined by insects, which is why most swags come with meshed windows to keep the bugs out.

Nowadays, swags come with comfortable foam mattresses. You shouldn’t have to hurt your back resting after a long and tiring day of having fun. You also shouldn’t have to lug around a big air mattress with you all day to get the relaxation you deserve. Read on to find more about your options here at Anaconda - Australia’s largest camping and adventure superstore.

Swags with Foam Mattresses

Whether you are going outdoors to camp, hunt or fish, there is a swag thats perfect for you!

Dune Stockton Swag

The Dune Stockton Swag already comes with the comfort of a 50mm high density mattress, so an additional air mattress is already unnecessary!

The Dune Stockton Swag is known for its traditional swag design that keeps it simple. It’s made to be durable, with fibreglass poles and an adjustable galvanised pole at the front. There’s sand fly mesh to protect you from insects, and to allow for maximum ventilation.

This swag is perfect for the beginner swagman, because it’s easy to pitch and strike, whilst also being compact to carry and store.

Burke & Wills Wentworth Single Swag

The Burke & Wills Wentworth Single Swag, perfect for those who like to relax, unwind and sleep in relative luxury.

Relish the generous head height of this single swag in the great outdoors. It comes also with a strategic foot window for optimum ventilation so you won’t get too hot. And we can’t forget the 50mm flat high density mattress with flannel cover, which is a great feature for both new and seasoned backpackers.

BlackWolf Ryebuck Swag

If you’re looking for a luxurious sleeping experience while camping, we reccommend the BlackWolf Ryebuck Swag. It comes with a 70mm high density foam mattress so your back will definitely have no complains come sunrise.

The Ryebuck Swag is the traditional Aussie swag upgraded for the traveller who won’t sacrifice comfort for the outdoors. There are two large side doors and spacious head height. It’s like you’re in your very own palace! Naturally, the swag is versatile for all weather conditions, with its 350gsm riptop polyester cotton canvas.

Spinifex King Single Drifter Swag

Perfect for the beginner and those who like a challenge the Spinifex King Single Drifter Swag features a 40mm high density foam mattress.

With its easy access and ample ventilation, plus the 390gsm ripstop polycotton canvas and 560gsm PVC floor, you'll feel comfortable braving both the wet and warm climates.

Dune Boundary Swag and Dune Outback XL Swag

Try the 50mm high density mattresses in the Dune Boundary Swag and the Dune Outback XL Swag. Both swags feature a 50mm convoluted high density foam mattress with removable full cover, allowing you to sleep comfortably in the great outdoors.

Where to Get Swags

Getting your camping swag is just a few clicks away! Choose from Anaconda’s great range of swags all backed by our lowest prices guaranteed promise.

If your still unsure what swag is for you, just visit one of our Anaconda stores and get expert advice.

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