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What Sleeping Bags are Suited when Sleeping in a Swag?

If you’re going on a camping trip or outdoor adventure that involves sleeping outside, you'll need a swag to make your night as comfortable as possible.

‘Swag’ (plural: swags) is referred to in Australia as a sleeping bag and tent all in one. Swags also refer to portable sleeping units that look like a bundle of belongings rolled in a traditional way and are used for camping or outdoor sleeping. It is a known fact that Australians love to sleep under the stars in portable beds that are warm, breathable, and waterproof. Indeed, sleeping in swags beneath the stars is one of the best ways that you can enjoy this beautiful world we live in.

Why Buy Swags?

Swags are large sleeping bags that are made from a strong canvass. They come with a comfortable sponge-like mattress on the bottom to ensure a relaxing open-air sleep experience.

Because of their close resemblance to mini-beds, swags are considered as the most popular form of sleeping equipment in the outdoors. Sleeping in swags for first-time campers is a memorable one since they allow you to experience and witness the eternally clear sky while comfortably lying on a comfy mattress that’s almost similar to what you have in your bedroom.

Buying Sleeping Bags that Match your Swags

If you’re planning an outdoor adventure and want to stay up all night to watch the stars while lying on the ground, then you should invest in a high-quality sleeping bag along with your swag for your adventure.

You'll want a swag that not only offers comfort, but can also stay dry if it drizzles, warm, if it turns frosty, and can be easily and conveniently carried, even if you decide to hike up the mountains!

Adding a suitable sleeping bag to your Swag is also an important factor when choosing to sleep out under the stars. Check out these sleeping bags from Anaconda - the first choice, one stop, outdoor adventure, and sporting retailer.

Spinifex Munroe Hooded Sleeping Bag

The Spinifex Munroe Hooded Sleeping Bag features a semi-circular hooded section that provides additional support and comfort to the head. There’s also a draw cord closure that will keep you snugly warm during colder weather. The full-length zip also keeps you relaxed knowing you can unzip it all the way if required.

Suitable for spring, summer or autumn, the Spinifex Munroe Hooded Sleeping Bag also only weighs in at less than 2kg and with its 70 denier polyester cover and terry cotton lining, can be easily washed and dried.

Spinifex Moondance Queen Sleeping Bag

If you’ve got company, this sleeping bag is perfect for two adults. It has a queen size design and includes two pillows. Even during frosty temperatures, it will keep the two of you warm and cosy.

The Spinifex Moondance Queen Sleeping Bag is made with a durable polyester outer shell and has a soft silk liner, doubled up with fleece around the feet area. It also has a stretch pouch that allows it to be attached to a queen size airbed or mattress. The compact carry bag makes it convenient for transport and storage.

Denali Lite 200 Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag is a high-performance synthetic sleeping bag that’s perfect for trekking and travelling in cooler weather conditions.

The Denali Lite 200 Sleeping Bag is compact, lightweight, and has the ability to keep you insulated when it gets damp or wet. All Denali Hike bags come with YKK zips. This one has an extra zip pocket located under a Velcro tab and an internal zip pocket at shoulder level for easy access. It is extremely lightweight at 1100g and can accommodate a person up to 6ft. tall.

Shopping for Swags

If you are looking for further sleeping bag options for swags, you can find more in-store or online at Anaconda, Australia's largest camping and adventure superstore.

We have have the largest range of outdoor products in Australia at the lowest prices. Buy online or visit one of our stores across Australia today.

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