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What Swag Accessories are Available?

Do you feel like there’s something missing from the make and design of your swag? Are you thinking of upgrading your swag and other camping gear?

If you feel like adding additional features to your swag, then buying swag accessories is a must! Here at Anaconda, you can find high quality swag accessories that are sure to complement your swag and make your next outdoor adventure a lot more comfortable and convenient. Our products are sure to stand the test of time, making them perfect for just about any season.

Swags and More

We have plenty of swag and general camping accessories available here at Anaconda, all of which you can easily buy online and have shipped directly to your home. We have additional accessories as well as replacement accessories, which come in handy when you're away on a trip and don't have the convenience of going to a local store to have your swag fixed!

Among the swag accessories that we have in store for you are the following:

Repair Tape Rolls

In a world where duct tape fixes almost anything, from popup pools to broken baseball bats, tents and swags have a similar quick-fix tape Repair Tape Rolls.

Created for the sole reason to help fix and repair your damaged swags and tents, these tapes are great for your temporary homes and sleeping quarters with a design that maximises grip and minimises leaks.

Small tears from rough terrain to your waterproof swag can cause significant damage when bad weather comes along. Having a Repair Tape Roll handy will not only save you a whole lot of trouble, but it can also save your whole trip!

Steel Tent Pegs

Swags and tents may be different, but they both need pegs to keep them safely in place. These L-shaped accessories are placed through the holes provided in your swags and penetrate into the ground ensuring that strong winds and unfamiliar creatures don’t drag your things away.

Guy Ropes

Having pegs set up for location security may not be enough if you’re paranoid about losing your swag. Of course, steel tent pegs can come undone even when placed deep into the ground. If you’d like to be sure that your swags stay in place, guy ropes provide an extra safety feature. Tie one end to your swag and the other to a tree or rock so that even if your pegs come loose, you have a strong foundation to hang on to. Nature can be vicious at times, so always be prepared.

Carry Bags

Having all the above can seem somewhat inconvenient if you have to carry them individually. Having a carry bag that was specifically made to contain swags will allow you to not only protect the swag itself, but will also provide you a more convenient way to bring it along with you.

Why Swag Accessories are a Good Buy

Swag accessories play an important role not only in upgrading your swag but also in offering solutions to several minor issues that you might encounter during your trip.

Swag accessories have started to become a must-have among campers, and can help you either repair minor damages or help you prevent major ones from occurring.

Fortunately, it’s now a lot easier to order swag accessories online.

The Dune Swag Accessory Kit includes most of the swag essentials you'll ever need, for all your trips. Other than a replacement mattress, it includes all of the above; the Repair Tape Rolls, Steel Tent Pegs, Guy Ropes and even the Carry Bag all in one purchase!

Where Do I Get Accessories for Swags?

Accessories for swags are everywhere; however, it is highly advisable you only buy from the leading brands that Anaconda offers.

With Anaconda also offering the lowest prices guaranteed on these accessories, why look anywhere else.

Order online and get quick delivery to your door.

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