What OZtrail Swags are Available at Anaconda?

Here at Anaconda, we make sure that you can view a comprehensive range of high quality swags at great prices. We offer several OZtrail Swags depending on your needs, style and budget. Read more to find out what we have available across the OZtrail range and why Swags make sense for Australian adventurers.

OZtrail Swags: The Perfect Company for the Outdoor Traveller

When savvy campers look for a new swag, they choose OZtrail. A favourite outdoor company for seasoned travellers, OZtrail specialises in quality outdoor camping products for Australian conditions. They are known for combining comfort and convenience for the authentic camping experience.

At Anaconda we stock the most durable, fashionable and trusted Swags across the OZtrail range.

Why Choose OZtrail Swags?

OZtrail Swags are designed with functionality in mind. They’re meant to be stored easily and pitched quickly, so that you don’t have to waste time unpacking, pitching and striking down your swag. With OZtrail Swags in your camping equipment list, you’ll be sure to have more time on your hands to appreciate the beauty of nature and the great outdoors.

They are also designed to protect you from the harsh elements of the outback. OZtrail makes use of waterproof canvasses to keep you safe and secure, free from any rainwater leaks during the night. The design of the mesh windows also ensures that while you can enjoy the cool air, you don’t have to suffer through insect bites and annoying buzzing.

Here at Anaconda, there are plenty of OZtrail Swags to choose from. OZtrail knows that not every camper goes to absolutely rough it out in the wild, which is why some swags are designed with comfort first. OZtrail also designs swags that consider the traveller’s experience. There are swags for beginner’s others for more intermediate campers. With an array of swags to choose from, you don’t have to worry about what to bring next weekend.

OZtrail Mitchell Double Swag

The OZtrail Mitchell Double Swag assures you a comfortable rest given any Australian weather. May it be rain or shine, the SatProof 600+ ripstop canvas of the swag will make sure that there will be no leaks and no moisture overnight. The durable canvas is paired with a sturdy frame, with the swag having a tri-pole dome style that’s sure to keep you secure.

There is definitely no need to worry about comfort when it comes to the Mitchell! This double swag comes with a 70mm high density open-cell mattress to keep you relaxed. The mattress can even be removed for easy cleaning.

You also don’t have to worry about ventilation with the OZtrail Mitchell Double Swag as it’s designed with a protective head and foot window for maximum air circulation, and the No-See-Um mesh prevents insects from coming in with the wind, so you’ll be safe from any inconvenience.

OZtrail Wentworth Swag

The OZtrail Wentworth Swag, is regarded as one of the best companions for any backpacker going solo. The durable 330gsm SatProof 600+ ripstop canvas will definitely keep you dry and protected at night. The 50mm high density open-cell foam mattress means you don’t have to compromise on comfort. Plus, the No-See-Um mesh windows present offer optimum ventilation and insect-proofing.

The outback traveller won’t need to worry about structural integrity, because the OZtrail Wentworth Swag comes with high-tensile alloy poles to keep it grounded.

With its light packaging and complete features, this swag just might be the one for you.

OZtrail Mitchell Expedition Double Swag

If you’re looking for a swag that has room for two, the perfect swag would be the OZtrail Mitchell Expedition Double Swag. Like other OZtrail Swags, you can be sure of the premium quality of your shelter. The triple-pole dome style coupled with the traditional green canvas gives this swag a sophisticated yet rustic feel.

Made for two people, the swag is designed to be strong and durable; it even comes with high-tensile Durallium 7001 alloy poles. You’ll also be sheltered from the rain with the tough and reliable 330gsm SatProof 600+ ripstop canvas, with PVC vinyl shield floor.

The ultra-thick 70mm high density open-cell foam mattress of the OZtrail Mitchell Expedition Double Swag means ultimate comfort while camping –and the sleeping surface is removable / washable too!

The full size mesh panels will give you the luxury of a breeze without the pests, and the zip top entry means there’s easy access, so your camping trip will definitely be a smooth ride.

Order OZtrail Swags and Other Products from Anaconda

All of these OZtrail Swags and more camping products can be ordered online or visit one of our stores across Australia.

Go on your dream camping trip as soon as possible, and start by buying the most basic of essentials:

Do you need any extra accessories like tent pole repair kits, repair tapes, compact knives and more, you have come to the right place. Anaconda has everything you need for the perfect camping and hiking experience!

Get Ready to Experience your Best Camping Trip

There are a lot of challenges when you go camping. Don’t make it more difficult than it needs to be and view our whole range to make setting up shelter and cooking as easy as one-two-three.

Make sure you have the right gear at the lowest prices buying online and in-store at Anaconda today!

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