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What Outdoor Furniture Do I Need When Camping

What Outdoor Furniture Do I Need When Camping in a Tent?

At Anaconda we stock a large range of tents and outdoor furniture that will transform any camping trip into a unique experience. If you have been wondering what outdoor furniture you need to take on your next outback adventure make sure you check out our recommendations below.

The Camp Chef Alpine Pot Belly Stove

To cook safely near the tents on the campground, or to cook some food in the outback, you need something safe and durable. The Camp Chef Alpine Pot Belly Stove fits that description, because it has all the features you need to make a terrific meal during your camping trip.

When choosing the Camp Chef Alpine Pot Belly Stove for your outdoor cooking needs, you will receive all the essentials such as a damper, internal log grate, spark arrestor and accessory shelves. All these parts can be fitted to the stove, preventing accidents with nearby tents and making transportion to your camping spot easier.

The Camp Chef Alpine Pot Belly Stove is made from a heavy duty steel, meaning it will last a long time and also comes with a 12 month guarantee at Anaconda. Value for your money!

Spinifex Square Centre Tile Fire Pit

Create a lovely atmosphere around the campground with a fire pit outside. We recommend the Spinifex Square Centre Tile Fire Pit. The Spinifex fire pit is safer than manmade fire pits, ensuring there are no accidents with tents standing nearby.

Our Spinifex Square Centre Tile Fire Pit is made from the finest steel and has a mesh spark guard, which prevents sparks from flying through the air and possibly damaging a nearby tent. It also has durable ceramic tiles surrounding the fire pit, which are resistant to heat and provide a nice decorative accent so you can camp in style!

Dune Deluxe Lounge Recliner

A good camping trip cannot be complete without a good reclining lounge chair! The Dune Deluxe Lounge Recliner is one of the most comfortable camping chairs for the modern camper, featuring a functional drink holder and an additional magazine holder to ensure you have everything at hand to keep yourself entertained.

Not only suitable for camping, the Dune Deluxe Lounge Recliner can also be used during a good barbecue with friends, at a garden party or just for some much needed relaxation! To ensure you are fully comfortable in any situation, Dune has added a pillow to the design as well, meaning you'll have the support needed whilst having a good snooze.

Designed for camping, the Dune Deluxe Lounge Recliner comes with a carry handle for easy transportion... say goodbye to dragging those old lawn chairs along on your next camping trip.

Primus Mr Heater Portable Buddy Heater

Need a little extra warmth when socialising in front of your tent during a cold night? We can recommend the Primus Mr Heater Portable Buddy Heater.

Light enough to take with you on any camping trip, this portable heater is perfect to keep you warm when facing cold temperatures outdoors.

The Primus Mr Heater Portable Buddy Heater has a number of built-in safety features as well, preventing certain problems that can be associated with heaters used on the campground. It has a low oxygen safety shut off system, push button ignition and a tip over safety shut off.

Spinifex Weekender Camp Kitchen

Families going away for a weekend camping trip will really appreciate the Spinifex Weekender Camp Kitchen. Enjoy delicious food whilst camping and keep your foods safe while you are out and about.

The Spinifex Weekender Camp Kitchen is made with a strong aluminium frame, ensuring that this camp kitchen can take a considerable amount of weight. It also has a detachable wind shield and a fold away side table with utensil hooks, making sure you have everything you need for good food preparation.

Whilst camping, common knowledge dictates never store food in your tent, especially when camping in the wild. It is always best to keep foods at a height, however, if this is not possible due to camping in a wide open space, you can store your food safely with the Spinifex Weekender Camp Kitchen's two enclosed storage shelves.

Mojiko Fish Filleting Table

Are you planning a camping trip with the intent to go fishing? Then the Mojiko Fish Filleting Table may be the perfect piece of outdoor furniture for you.

The Mojiko Fish Filleting Table has all the features needed to please the modern fisherman, or woman.

It is a sturdy and versatile table, which can be used as a bait board, rigging station, radio stand or filleting station. In short, it can fulfil any function you need for your fishing trip!

Our Mojiko Fish Filleting Table will last for a number of years. It can withstand salt water and sharp knives, so you can fillet your caught fish without much trouble. It also has a garden hose connection, so you can keep the filleting station fresh and clean.

More Outdoor Furniture Options at Anaconda!

The items mentioned above are just a few of the outdoor furniture options we have at Anaconda.

Shop With Anaconda to discover more outdoor furniture and take advantage of our great prices, be sure to check out our latest catalogue.
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