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What Are The Highest Rated Sleeping Bags

What Are the Highest Rated Sleeping Bags?

Experienced travellers who are looking for the best sleeping bags in Australia can find some excellent recommendations below.

We have created an overview of the highest rated sleeping bags and included important sleeping bag properties such as comfort rating and affordability.

Read on to discover the highest rated sleeping bags according to camping expert Anaconda!

The Spinifex Munroe Hooded Sleeping Bag

When you need a lightweight sleeping bag to take with you during your camping trip, the Spinifex Munroe will be an excellent choice. The Spinifex Munroe only weighs 1.4 kilograms and delivers a comfort rating of 5 degrees Celsius.

The Spinifex Munroe is equipped with a full-length zip; this means you can easily open up the sleeping bag when it gets too warm in the summer. The square design of the Spinifex Munroe also increases its suitability for the summer season, considering the fact it has more volume than the warmer mummy sleeping bags. However, the Spinifex Munroe can still be used during the fall, since the sleeping bag also has a draw cord that can be closed when it gets too cold.

Last but not least, the Spinifex Munroe is known for superior comfort. The hood at the top of the sleeping bag provides more head support and does not cause a sore neck in the morning. Adventurers can also use a pillow in combination with the Spinifex Munroe, since the design of this sleeping bag is large enough to allow it.

What Are The Highest Rated Sleeping Bags

The Dune Flinders Jumbo Hooded Sleeping Bag

Adventurers who love the feeling of comfort will adore the Dune Flinders Jumbo. The Dune Flinders Jumbo is a great option for camping and can handle temperatures of minus 5 degrees Celsius.

The Dune Flinders Jumbo tends to be more durable than most sleeping bags thanks to the presence of the polyester diamond rip stop. The hollow fibres of the material also make it easy to clean this sleeping bag and this contributes to a sleeping bag that can last for twenty years with proper maintenance.

For additional warmth, the manufacturers of the Dune Flinders Jumbo have added draw strings to tighten the shoulders and the hooded area. By doing so, you decrease the volume of the sleeping bag and increase the heat insulation at the same time.

What Are The Highest Rated Sleeping Bags

The Spinifex Kids Zoo Hooded Sleeping Bag

When we discuss the highest rated bags in Australia, we cannot forget about sleeping bags for kids!

One of the best sleeping bags for children is the Spinifex Kids Zoo, which is known for its great heat insulation properties.

The Spinifex Kids Zoo is best suited for spring and early autumn. It was created with a silk touch polyester lining and an outer shell made from polyester ripstop fabric. The manufacturers also used a higher amount of filling during the manufacturing process; this to promote heat retention.

One Spinifex Kids Zoo only weighs 950 grams, so not even one kilogram! When you go camping with the kids, the last thing you want to do is carry heavy sleeping bags around. With the Spinifex Kids Zoo that will not be a problem!

What Are The Highest Rated Sleeping Bags

The Spinifex Moondance Queen Sleeping Bag

A spacious sleeping bag with plenty of room for two adults; this is how we would describe the Spinifex Moondance. The Spinifex Moondance has a functional queen size design and is suitable for camping and outdoor use.

The high comfort level of the Spinifex Moondance is great for couples on a family camping trip. However, the Spinifex Moondance is less suitable for hikers because of its increased weight. That being said, the Spinifex Moondance weighs a total of 5.5 kilograms, which is more than reasonable for a two-person sleeping bag.

Spinifex Moondance sleeping bags are made from durable polyester, which ensures the longevity of this particular sleeping bag. If you have been looking for the perfect double sleeping bag, you will not find much better than the comfortable Spinifex Moondance.

What Are The Highest Rated Sleeping Bags
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