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What Are The Best Camping Tents Available

What Are the Best Camping Tents Available?

Looking for a selection of the best camping tents available? Look no further! Anaconda offers the finest range of camping tents, at the most affordable prices. Read on to discover the finest camping tents Anaconda has in-store and online for you today.

BlackWolf Turbo Plus Tent 300

When you need a reliable tent with plenty of room for 8 people, the BlackWolf Turbo Plus Tent 300 is the perfect choice. The BlackWolf Turbo Plus Tent 300 can handle all the extreme weather conditions Australia can throw at you, with a number of features that will protect you against hot weather or rainfall.

The BlackWolf Turbo Plus Tent is made from a Heavy Duty Ripstop Polycotton. Ripstop materials, are considerably stronger than regular material, since ripstop material goes through a special weaving process. During the weaving process, thick reinforcement threads are interwoven at regular intervals of 5 to 8 millimetre. The result? A strong yet lightweight material that does not easily rip or tear.

Choosing a camping tent in polyester also has its benefits, with polyester being one of the lightest materials for tents on the market. If you intend to pitch your tent at a festival, or intend to do a hike, a tent in polyester will be a lot easier to carry around. Polyester is also a material that is naturally water resistant, making the BlackWolf Turbo Plus Tent a good option for camping in adverse weather conditions.

Our BlackWolf Turbo Plus Tent comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which ensures you get a quality tent that will last for a long time.

Be sure to take advantage of this amazing tent and discover some of the extra features on the product description page of the BlackWolf Turbo Plus Tent.

Spinifex Cape York Tent

The Spinifex Cape York Tent is a dome tent with capacity for up to 8 people. It has a total of three doors, which enable campers to gain easy access to the interior of the tent from the front and/or rear. With an interior centre height of 215cm, it is a spacious enough option for families.

Our Spinifex Cape York Tent also features some interesting additional features. The tent has an extended vestibule, which provides you extra storage and weather protection. It also has large windows, providing light and further ventilation if required.

The Spinifex Cape York Tent is considerably stronger than most tents, as it uses a geodesic frame, fibreglass super poles and a non-heat bonding technology. These premium materials make the Spinifex Cape York Tent one of our best sellers.

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Dune Kimberley 9 Tent

Our Dune Kimberley 9 Tent is ideal for campers who require plenty of ventilation combined with great water resistantance.

The tent is made from a 320 gsm ripstop canvas, which has been treated with a water resistant coating. This coating protects the tent during the rainy season, making it an affordable option for those who like to camp in adverse weather conditions.

Canvas tents tend to be more durable than nylon tents, but are equally as affordable. Campers can also repair a canvas tent themselves with a sewing kit, contrary to nylon tents that require a special sewing kits to fix any rips or tears.

The Dune Kimberley 9 Tent is best suited for camping trips, four-wheel-drive trips and off-road trips. To ensure this tent is suitable for a variety of camping surfaces, Dune has implemented a heavy duty PVC floor that ensures your tent remains stable and comfortable at all times.

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Coleman Instant Up 4 Tent

Anyone who wants to go camping for the first time will need a tent that is easy to set up. One of the easiest tents to set up from our range, is the Coleman Instant Up 4 Tent.

The Coleman Instant Up 4 Tent only takes two minutes to set up and is easy to break down as well. If you are pressed for time, you will not have a care in the world with this tent.

Even though the Coleman Instant Up 4 Tent is quite basic compared to some of our other models, this doesn't mean it has no additional features. The Coleman Instant Up 4 Tent also has three large windows for extra ventilation. The extra ventilation will keep the interior of your tent cool, but warm enough for you to be comfortable.

Spinifex Eden Dome Tent

Campers in need of the perfect tent for a short outdoor adventure will love the Spinifex Eden Dome Tent. The Spinifex Eden Dome Tent is a lightweight tent that is easy to set up, which also makes it the perfect option for a first time camper.

Lightweight, yet durable, the Spinifex Eden Dome Tent features a polyester fly fabric, fibreglass poles for additional strength and a unique control system for better ventilation.

Our Spinifex Eden Dome Tent also comes with a full years warranty.

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