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What are Swags Made from and is Canvas the Best Material for them?

When you’re a camper or a traveller, you start to realise that it’s important to pack and travel light. You also have to make sure that even within those set parameters, you’re still equipped with durable essentials and accessories. One essential is your swag.

Swags function as your sleeping unit for when you need to spend the night somewhere where there are no beds or accommodations. As such, it’s no wonder materials can be such a frequent topic when selecting a swag to buy. Swags are usually made from either PVC or canvas. You can even find a combination of both. But what is the best material when making your choice?

Should you Choose PVC Over Canvas?

There are clear advantages and disadvantages of a PVC base over a canvas base when choosing swags.

The main advantage of a canvas swag over a PVC swag is its durability and reliability. Rolling up swags with a PVC base located outside doesn't allow moisture to escape. This causes condensation and mildew to develop, which in time gives way to deterioration and drastically reduces the life of the swag. This can also sometimes cause swags to develop an unpleasant odour.

Another disadvantage to using a PVC swag is that you cannot sew it like you would repair canvas, binding the seams.

Advantages to a PVC swag include the cheaper cost, naturally waterproofed and being easier to clean than canvas due to their non-stick nature.

Both PVC and canvas present themselves as good materials, with both having clear advantages and disadvantages. It really depends upon the amount of usage and environment. A PVC swag may not stand the test of time on rocky terrain, but for the cheaper cost would be more than adequate if it were only to be used on a soft forgiving ground such as a beach.

What Swags are Available at Anaconda?

Dune Barwon Swag

The Dune Barwon Swag has a superfine insect mesh to keep insects away and comes with a PVC flooring, which makes cleaning after use easy.

This swag also provides owners with a comfortable night’s rest due to its 50mm high density foam mattress. The Dune Barwon Swag also has in-built internal organiser pockets allowing you to store your personal belongings in an organised fashion for quick, easy access, whilst also giving you the security to know things are locked away safely.

It’s also a safe and stable swag as it comes equipped with a heavy duty steel spreader pole.

Dune Outback XL Swag

The Dune Outback XL Swag features a nylon mosquito netting and is great for when you want great room space to just lay back and relax. It comes with a high-density foam mattress.

Made from a 12oz canvas, it is portable and lightweight. The Dune Outback XL Swag comes with three matrix fibreglass poles. These poles provide a lot of extra head space inside for those who don’t want the canvas constantly touching their head. If that’s not enough, there’s actually two entry points so that it can easily be accessed. Having two entry points also provides extra ventilation for when those warm sweaty nights hit.

Dune Boundary Swag

If you’re looking for a swag to keep even the smallest bugs or insects out, then the Dune Boundary Swag meets that standard! It has a no-see-um mesh that boasts around 800 holes per square inch so that no critter can crawl its way into your swag!

With strong alloy poles and a 320gsm SatProof 600+ canvas material, you can be sure that this swag is not only reliable but will stand strong against harsh weather conditions. The Dune Boundary Swag also has a PVC base and a 50mm high density foam mattress for comfortable resting conditions.

BlackWolf Ryebuck Swag

The BlackWolf Ryebuck Swag is made of a 350gsm ripstop poly/cotton canvas and a 300D Oxford polyester PU floor which is a great waterproofing feature for owners who want an all-around swag.

It also comes equipped with a 7cm high density foam mattress to ensure that you’re comfortable even after a long night of waiting for the sun to rise.

The BlackWolf Ryebuck Swag also has great ventilation because it bears some large side doors.

Burke & Wills Wentworth Single Swag

The Burke & Wills Wentworth Single Swag comes with a 3-year warranty and is probably one of the most comfortable swags sold on the market today.

It has a full fly top and a 50mm high density mattress that features a flannel cover, and a maximum head height of 80cm.

Though created for comfort, this swag is also strong and durable because of its 3 pole design.

When not using your Burke & Willis Wentworth Single Swag, you can be assured it will stand the test of time, as it comes with a heavy duty PVC carry bag.

Where can I get Swags?

Swags are available across all our Australian stores with experts helping you find the one just right for you.

If you're looking for added convenience, why not view our swag section online which features the entire range.

We also have a great tent range and other camping and hiking products. So grab a bargain online today!

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