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Swags For Australia — What is Available?

Need to decide what kind of swag you’ll bring to your next Australian camping trip? Then look no further than Anaconda! Save today on the best quality swags in Australia all available at our stores and online. Swags are an essential part of any outdoor traveller’s kit we only stock the most durable, convenient, and best fitting swags.

Why You Will Love Swags

Swags are portable sleeping units that allow you to take a break from your tiring camping trip. Our swags are extremely convenient and easy to pitch and strike, saving you the time associated with setting up a tent. Most swags come with a foam mattress and will keep you dry from Australia’s unpredictable weather. With modern technologies and new designs, swags have evolved to fit the needs of the modern Australian camper.

Comfort comes down the to the type of swag you choose with a wide range available at Anaconda. You can choose a swag specifically meant for brave lone travellers or a double more suitable for couples. All of these features and more can be bundled up easily in a carry-on bag for convenience.

Available Swags in Australia

There are so many swags available online and in stores. The different designs cater to varying purposes, functions, and styles. There are traditional swags for those who want to rough it out in the wild, and more modern updated swags that put comfort at a premium.

The Dune Stockton Swag

If you’re starting out as a camper, the Dune Stockton Swag is perfect for all aspiring Dune swagmen. The Dune Stockton Swag has a traditional swag design that is simple and practical. There are also other features like the sturdy and adjustable galvanised front pole to keep the swag stable, and the fibreglass poles that are top of the line. As a beginner or seasoned camper, stability, and security are very important.

The Dune Stockton Swag is easy-to-pitch and strike, is stable and reliable. The swag is also compact to carry and store. This makes it ideal for customers who frequently go camping.

The Dune Stockton Swag also comes with sand fly mesh. This mesh window provides for ventilation, to keep the heat from stifling. It also protects you from insects. The swags also protect your privacy with the sand fly mesh windows.

The Burke & Wills Wentworth Single Swag

The Burke & Wills Wentworth Single Swag is a unit designed for lone travellers. The head space will fit a lone traveller with room to spare. For customers looking to relax, it would be easy to unwind and sleep with the generous head height and space of the single swag. There is no feeling of being uncomfortably close.

The Burke & Wills Wentworth Single Swag also considers customers’ comfort. It comes installed with a premium 50mm high density mattress for quality sleep.

To keep ventilation and to balance the temperature, the swag also comes with a strategically placed foot window.

BlackWolf Ryebuck Swag

The BlackWolf Ryebuck Swag is a high-quality, premium swag that gives the ultimate comfort. It is the traditional Australian swag updated for modern needs. This is the ideal swag for people who need extra space and maximum comfort while camping.

There are two large side doors and spacious head height for maximum mobility and flexibility inside the swag. The BlackWolf Ryebuck is also quick to erect, which would fit customers looking to save time. The swag will also protect you from all weather conditions, with a 350gsm riptop polyester and cotton canvas.

Dune Boundary Swag

The Dune Boundary Swag comes in green and grey, and is one of the best ways to travel fast and light through the Australian bush. It weighs only 5kg and is easy to roll out.

Despite its lightness, the swag comes with many features. The Dune Boundary Swag has a tough 320gsm canvas and no-see mesh panels for ventilation, insect protection and privacy. It also comes with high-tensile Aluminium pole for stability.

Other Swags Available At Anaconda

Still looking for a different kind of swag? There are so many other swags available that would your style and your needs. Check out:


With so many options to choose from, you’ll definitely be able to find a swag that suits at Anaconda! Vist us in-store or online today and buy a swag that lets you experience the perfect camping trip.
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