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Sleeping Bags For Winter

Sleeping Bags for the Winter Months

Do you love to go camping when it is nice and frosty outside, but are you still missing a good sleeping bag for your trip?

No need to write off that camping trip just yet, because Anaconda has an outstanding range of sleeping bags for cold environments.

Discover our list of recommended winter sleeping bags below and pick your favourite!

Denali Altitude -8 Sleeping Bag

Ensure you stay comfortable and warm during your next camping or weekend trip with the Denali Altitude -8 Sleeping Bag. Compact and lightweight, this sleeping bag features Polyester Silk Touch Lining and Diamond Ripstop Polyester Sheel that provides extra resistance against harsh weather.

With a Comfort Rating (°C) of -8, this lightweight sleeping bag is the perfect companion for frequent campers and outdoor enthusiasts during their next big adventure.

The Dune Flinders Jumbo Hooded Sleeping Bag

Adventurers who like their sleeping bag with a lot of padding for extra softness will adore the Dune Flinders Jumbo.

The Dune Flinders Jumbo contains a lot of hollow fibres, which provide plenty of warmth and softness during a cold night.

Another benefit of hollow fibre filling material is its easy maintenance. When you are dealing with other filling materials such as down, you will need special cleaning methods to ensure you do not damage the down inside the sleeping bag. However, this problem is not something you will experience with hollow fibre filling, considering these fibres are not as delicate as down.

Campers who choose the Dune Flinders Jumbo will be able to camp in temperatures of minus 5 degrees Celsius.

With additional features such as a polyester diamond rib stop and additional draw strings to tighten the shoulders and hooded area, you can count on the fact that you will be warm!

Sleeping Bags For Winter

The Coleman Mudgee Sleeping Bag

Coleman is known for their comfortable sleeping bags, but they have really outdone themselves with the Coleman Mudgee. The Coleman Mudgee will keep you warm and comfortable in temperatures of minus 3 degrees and is 1.9 metres long. The length of the sleeping bag and its great insulation ensures the comfort of the camper.

The Coleman Mudgee also has a feature that tends to be missing from a lot of sleeping bags, the Thermolock System. The Thermolock System will prevent heat loss through the zipper, which means that you can except stable heat insulation with this particular design.

Even though the Coleman Mudgee is an excellent choice for a colder camping trip, it can be used in warmer environments as well. The design of the Coleman Mudgee allows the opening of the bottom part of the sleeping bag, providing ventilation when you need it.

Sleeping Bags For Winter

Spinifex Summit Hooded Sleeping Bag

The perfect sleeping bag for camping during Winter, the Spinifex Summit Hooded Sleeping Bag will ensure comfort and warmth during the night. With a comfort rating of -6 degrees, this hooded sleeping bag is a must-have for camping and outdoor adventures during the colder season.

If you often find yourself getting cold during camping in Winter, the Spinfex Summit Hooded Sleeping Bag will not disappoint. Made from 40D 240T Ripstop Nylon Shell, this sleeping bag is great for frequent campers and hikers.

The Denali Capsule 700 Down Sleeping Bag

The Denali Capsule 700 is probably the best sleeping bag for winter camping out there.

The Denali Capsule has a whopping comfort rating of minus 10 degrees Celsius and is the recommended option for extra cool climates.

Denali Capsule 700 sleeping bags can provide a lot of warmth thanks to the 700 grams of down that was used for the creation of this camping masterpiece. The use of down also made the sleeping bag lighter than most sleeping bags for winter camping, because the Denali Capsule 700 sleeping bag only weighs 1.5 kilograms.

Quality does come with a price, so the Denali Capsule 700 is a little more expensive than the average sleeping bag. That being said, the quality of the Denali is definitely worth the investment.

If you want to benefit from a Denali sleeping bag, but find the cost of the Denali Capsule 700 a little steep, there are other alternatives such as the Denali Capsule 300 and the Denali Capsule 500.

Sleeping Bags For Winter

The Black Wolf Zambezie Camper Sleeping Bag

When you are looking for a good price-quality ratio, the Black Wolf Zambezie Camper might be a good option for you.

The Black Wolf Zambezie Camper has the well-known Powerloft 4 insulation and soft flannel lining, making this sleeping bag suitable for winter camping in minus 4 degrees Celsius.

The Black Wolf company has used a combination of different fabrics to provide great features for an affordable price. With materials such as high density polyester and flannel lining, Black Wolf was able to keep the price of this sleeping bag low.

Black Wolf Zambezie sleeping bags also come with a variety of extra features. In addition to the warmth the flannel lining provides, the manufacturers also added a contoured hood, draft collar and draft flap to keep the cold at bay.

Sleeping Bags For Winter

Which Is the Best Winter Camping Sleeping bag?

Choosing one particular sleeping bag as the best of them all is incredibly difficult, especially when you consider the fact that the needs of campers can vary considerably.

However, if we had to recommend one out of them all, we would choose the Denali Capsule 700.

This sleeping bag has comfort, warmth and features you did not even know existed!

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