Highly Recommended Sleeping Bags

Highly Recommended Sleeping Bags

Campers who have been looking for their perfect sleeping bag do not have to continue their search!

Below, you will find the best sleeping bags of 2016.

These sleeping bags are guaranteed to give you many years of camping fun, so explore them all to find your perfect fit!

Denali Capsule 700 Down Sleeping Bag

Anyone who prefers down over synthetic fibre for their sleeping bag will fall in love with the Denali Capsule 700 Down Sleeping Bag. The Denali Capsule has an outstanding comfort rating of minus 10 degrees Celsius and has a lot to offer for both travellers and trekkers.

The Denali Capsule holds onto warmth unlike any other sleeping bag. It contains approximately 700 grams of duck down, which keeps the interior of the sleeping bag warm and comfortable at all times, even in temperatures below zero.

When you choose a Denali Capsule for your trip, you will only have to carry a pack weight of 1.5 kilogram. Duck down keeps the weight of this sleeping bag down and enables easy compression during travel. In short, the ideal sleeping bag for frequent campers, trekkers and hikers!

Oztrail Cotton Canvas Sleeping Bag

The Oztrail Cotton Canvas takes you back to the good old days, but provides you with all the modern comforts at the same time. The Oztrail Cotton Canvas is perfect for a trip to the outback and is mostly used by campers and hikers.

When you choose the Oztrail Cotton Canvas, you will be prepared for colder environments. The Oztrail Cotton Canvas has a comfort rating of minus 7 degrees Celsius and has a draw cord opening to reduce the entry of cold air.

The Oztrail Cotton Canvas can be adjusted according to the wishes of its user. The Oztrail Cotton Canvas has a full length auto-lock zip and can be adjusted to lock in any desired position. The adjustability of this sleeping bag makes the Oztrail Cotton Canvas the perfect choice for those who prefer warmth, but want plenty of room as well.

Highly Recommended Sleeping Bags

The Black Wolf Micron Sleeping Bag

Adventurers on a budget will choose the Black Wolf Micron above all others. The Black Wolf Micron provides the necessary protection against damp weather conditions, but remains affordable by using synthetic materials.

The Black Wolf Micron only weighs 1.5 kilograms and can easily be compressed in the accompanying compression sack. Thanks to the reduced weight of the sleeping bag, it is very suitable for hikers and trekkers who do not like to carry a lot of weight during their trip.

Highly Recommended Sleeping Bags

The Spinifex Moondance Queen Sleeping Bag

Our Spinifex Moondance Queen probably is one of the top-rated sleeping bags for couples and families. The Spinifex Moondance Queen is very suitable for camping and outdoor use, although it is heavier than other sleeping bags such as the Black Wolf Micron and Oztrail Cotton Canvas.

The weight of the Spinifex Moondance Queen makes the sleeping bag less suitable for trekkers and hikers, but a brilliant choice for family outings and campers in general. The Spinifex Moondance Queen weighs approximately 5.5 kilograms, but compensates for its weight by providing ultimate comfort.

When you obtain the Spinifex Moondance Queen for your trip, you will also receive two pillows and a dedicated carry bag for easy transport. If space and comfort is important to you during your camping trip, the Spinifex Moondance Queen should be on top of your list.

Highly Recommended Sleeping Bags

The Denali Lite Sleeping Bag

The Denali Lite is a cost-effective sleeping bag for adventurers such as hikers and trekkers. It is best suited for general camping, but can also be used in environments down to minus 2 degrees Celsius.

With a total weight of only 1.4 kilograms, the Denali Lite is one of the lightest sleeping bags on the market. Many trekkers and hikers aim to keep their carry weight as low as possible, so the Denali Lite should be the perfect choice for them.

One of the additional benefits of the Denali Lite is the fact that it comes with the well-known YKK zips, which have a standard lifetime warranty. The Denali Lite itself comes with a warranty of 2 years, but can last as long as fifteen years if looked after properly.

Highly Recommended Sleeping Bags

The Coleman Pilbara Hooded Sleeping Bag

The Coleman Pilbara is one of the best sleeping bags for camping, caravanning and home use. The Coleman Pilbara comes with 12-month warranty and can last up to 15 years with proper care.

Even though the Coleman Pilbara is mainly used for general camping purposes, the sleeping bag still offers a comfort rating of -5 degrees Celsius; this means that this particular sleeping bag will be functional in cold weather conditions as well.

In short, a great sleeping bag no matter where you go camping.

Highly Recommended Sleeping Bags
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