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Are There Tent Accessories I Can Purchase as an Addition to My Tent

Are There Tent Accessories I Can Purchase as an Addition to My Tent?

Even though most tents come with a variety of features, there are a number of additional accessories we recommend to make sure you are covered for all possibilities. Below you can find an overview of the best accessories for tents at Anaconda!

Headland 21 Piece Tent Peg Kit

The Headland 21 Piece Tent Peg Kit contains 20 Steel Pegs and 1 Tent Peg Puller all in one convenient kit. Lightweight and easy to store.

Oztrail Annex Mat

Whilst camping, you've probably experienced some problems with grass or dirt ending up on the groundsheet of your tent. Avoid this problem, with the Oztrail Annex Mat; especially designed to keep dirt, stones, grass and other unwanted materials away from your tent.

The annex mat from Oztrail can be reused for multiple camping trips as well, since it can be cleaned.

It is also made from anti-slip PVC, which prevents accidents and makes the mat a little more durable as well.

In conclusion, this can be a great investment for your camping trip if you want to keep the interior of your tent or annex clean and pristine.

COI Aqua Proof Brush On

Taking anything made from leather or suede on your camping trip? Are you scared that they might get damaged because due to rain or water around the campground? If this is the case, we recommend getting COI Aqua Proof Brush On.

The COI Aqua Proof Brush On contains 2 litres of water proofer and fabric protector. The product is easy to apply with the incorporated brush and will protect all suede and leather materials against water damage.

The Spinifex Hang Mate

Many campers feel they don't get enough storage space from their tent when camping. Even though manufacturers incorporate an incredible amount of storage space in the latest models, there is always room for additional storage space and organisational accessories.

One such accessory which fills this space (pun intended) is the Spinifex Hang Mate.

The Spinifex Hang Mate contains multiple pockets for easy storage and can be clipped onto the frame of your gazebo or the roof rack. It helps to keep your camping space organised and tidy, and makes it easy to find essential tools quickly.

Campers can use the Spinifex Hang Mate for cutlery, spices, towels, maps, rope, repair kits, plates and so much more. There is no end to the possibilities with this great accessory!

More Great Accessories at Anaconda

Need more tent accessory ideas for your next camping trip, simply head over to our tent accessories category. Here, you'll find additional useful accessories including: adjustable slide rails, ropes, canvas reproofer, seam sealant, tent repair kits, corner rope sets and so much more.

Anaconda regularly offers deals on tents, tent accessories and other camping equipment that can transform your camping trip into a unique experience.

Be sure to check in regularly, because we're adding new camping products all the time!

COI Tent Pole Storage Bag

When you don't go camping on a regular basis, tent poles tend to get lost.

To avoid that problem, or to prevent tent poles from getting damaged, we recommend storing them in the COI Tent Pole Storage Bag.

The COI Tent Pole Storage Bag is made from 100% polyester, providing extra protection to the tent poles stored on the inside. It is also water resistant, so it can also be used to store any additional awning you may have for your tent.

Campers can use the COI Tent Pole Storage Bag for a variety of tent brands, as long as the tent poles have a dimension equal or lower than 1350mm.

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