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Why would I Use a Swag and Not a Tent?

Are you preparing for a camping trip to the mountains or down by the river? If so, you need to make sure you pack the right camping gear before you leave for your trip. Here at Anaconda, we stock high quality swags which are perfect for spending quality time outdoors with your loved ones.

8 Reasons Why Swags are Better than Tents

Have you already gone through your checklist for your next trip? You may be focusing too much on your activities for the day. Always keep in mind that even though you will have lots of activities to do during the day, you will still need a comfortable shelter during the evening to rest and recover. A lot of camping enthusiasts have trouble deciding on what type of sleeping quarters to achieve this. The two most popular choices are swags and tents. Why should you choose swags over tents? We have outlined the reasons below:

1. The process of setting and packing up swags is simpler compared to tents

This is the most important advantage of swags over tents. As a camper, you would want to spare yourself from exerting too much effort in setting up your sleeping quarters... you need that extra energy for the day ahead! Swags are simple and qucik to set up. After that, sit back and have fun watching your friends struggle to build their bulky, wobbly tents!

Arrive late to your camping spot? No matter how tired you are from the day's activities, you can still easily set up a swag in the dark. And when the trip is over, packing up is just as simple. Simply roll up the swag and hit the road! Swags can provide a similar comfort level compared to a Tent, but cost so much less!

2. You don't have to bring along extra bedding when you have swags

When you choose tents, you still need to bring extra bedding and sleeping bags so you can sleep soundly at night. This adds to the bulkiness of what you need to carry on the way to your camping site.

Swags already have a foam mattress included with them, keeping you comfortable against the cold hard ground.

3. Swags provide more warmth than tents

Are you going to a camping site with cold unbearable temperatures at night? Swags are guaranteed to be warmer than tents due to the heavy material and type of canvas used. they also have a smaller volume, ensuring your body warmth is kept inside the swag. The foam mattress included, is more effective than a stand alone air mattress in terms of body warmth retention. The movement of air that occurs in an air mattress tends to take the heat away rather than keeping it in.

The PVC vinyl floor of swags also contributes to the warmth by being a layer of protection for your body against the cold ground.

4. Swags are cooler than tents, perfect for a hot summer night

If your camping trip falls during the summer season, you can feel confident you'll still get a comfortable nights sleep due to a swag’s convenient features. Just open the upper layer of the canvas and the windows for ventilation, ensuring you are cool and comfy. There's also no need to worry about any insects that might jump in due to the in-built fly screen mesh.

5. Swags are guaranteed to have high durability

The original design of a swag, was made in such a way that it can withstand years of use. The materials used for making swags are of superb quality. Manufacturers make sure that swags can survive being subjected to harsh elements. Swags are not delicate... you can toss it in the back of your truck if you are in a hurry. Kowing it will survive intact. You can also tie them down on the roof to maximise space in your 4WD. Your swag will still be in one piece even if you drive through stormy weather or hot desert.

6. Swags are very flexible

Have limited space at your campsite to set up your sleeping quarters? Not be a problem with a swag. If you have a truck, just reverse in and place your swag in the back and be elevated from the ground whilst you sleep.

7. Swags spare you from the hassle of dealing with pegs

Assembly and packing of pegs can be a challenge. That is why tools such as the Kookaburra Tent Peg Remover & Mallet set are available. Although some models of swags have pegs included in the package, you are still given a choice if you want to use them.

Swags do not require pegs during set-up. The structure of the swag is usually enough to keep it in place throughout the day. However, if you experience strong winds and adverse weather conditions we recommend you use pegs to secure the swag. You can also tie the foot string or head of the swag to any stable object.

8. Swags give you better protection from the elements of nature than tents

Swags give you better shade from the sun as compared to tents. The canvas used in swags are heavy duty, meaning less sunlight is able to penetrate through. When the sun rises in the morning, rest assured that you can still enjoy your sleep. In addition, you also have the built-in fly screen preventing insects from entering.

So what are you waiting for? #ShopWithAnaconda for your swag today or visit us in-store. We are Australia’s favourite camping and outdoor store with the lowest prices guaranteed with the best range!

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