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What Are The Different Types Of Down Sleeping Bags

What Are the Different Types of Down Sleeping Bags Available?

Down sleeping bags are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes nowadays. Even though this gives you a lot more options for your camping or hiking trip, it can make your choice of sleeping bag a little more difficult.

If you have been wondering about the different types of sleeping bags, please read our detailed overview of down sleeping bags below!

The Square Sleeping Bag

The square sleeping bag is probably the most common sleeping bag out there.

Even though it is the most basic type of sleeping bag, it does have the ability to provide you with numerous benefits.

A square sleeping bag will be square from top to bottom, which gives you plenty of room to move when you are sleeping. Due to the square design of the sleeping bag, you will also be able to get a square sleeping bag in bigger sizes than other sleeping bags. This can be especially useful for people who are larger.

The majority of camping stores will offer square sleeping bags in a single or a double size. For that reason, you will find that a double square sleeping bag is the perfect option for couples who go camping. A double square sleeping bag can easily accommodate for two adults, so if you dread sleeping alone, a square sleeping bag will provide you with the perfect solution.

Some square sleeping bags will allow you to connect multiple sleeping bags together, which can be useful if you are sleeping in an extremely cold environment or go camping with the kids. For that reason, you will find that the square sleeping bag is most suitable for family and car camping.

Last but not least, the square sleeping bag can fulfil an additional function. If you are sleeping on a camper bed, but need some additional warmth, the square sleeping bag can be unzipped all the way around and be used as a quilt. This allows you to travel light and eliminates the need to pack additional blankets.

What Are The Different Types Of Down Sleeping Bags
What Are The Different Types Of Down Sleeping Bags

The Mummy Sleeping Bag

Contrary to the square sleeping bag, a mummy sleeping bag is a lot less spacious. However, the mummy sleeping bag has better heat retention properties, given the fact that a smaller amount of space needs to be warmed up.

While the square sleeping bag is best suited for family and car camping, the mummy sleeping bag is more suitable for adventurous trips in colder environments.

The mummy sleeping bag has a contoured body shape and this provides optimal warmth when used. Because of its heat retaining properties, the mummy sleeping bag is best used during cold weather or extreme weather conditions. The majority of mummy sleeping bags can easily handle temperatures below zero, but this can depend on the filling and the quality of the sleeping bag. When you shop for a mummy sleeping bag, please refer to the temperature rating of the sleeping bag in question to guarantee its suitability for your trip.

Another big advantage of the mummy sleeping bag is the fact that it is compact and easy to carry. If you intend to go hiking or mountain climbing, the mummy sleeping bag will not weigh you down. Add to that the fact that down is one of the lightest filling materials for sleeping bags and you get the perfect bag for a trip through nature.

Unfortunately, mummy sleeping bags are only available for one person, so couples and families will find this particular sleeping bag less suitable for their trip. A two-person mummy sleeping bag would reduce the heat retaining properties of the sleeping bag itself, which defeats the point of obtaining a heat retaining sleeping bag.

Most mummy sleeping bags will have a ¾ zip; this helps to retain the heat in the sleeping bag. However, not everyone is as comfortable with a sleeping bag that does not open fully, so if space is a real issue for you, a square sleeping bag may be better. Still, if you are heading out in cold temperatures, the square sleeping bag will not provide you the same warmth as a mummy sleeping bag.

What Are The Different Types Of Down Sleeping Bags
What Are The Different Types Of Down Sleeping Bags

The Rectangle Sleeping Bag

Like the square sleeping bag, the rectangle sleeping bag is perfect for general family camping.

Designed to be spacious and comfortable, the user can sleep with legs apart and some degree of free movement.

Rectangle sleeping bags commonly use a blend of cotton linings and synthetic fill for maximum comfort and insulation. Some even offer the option of pairing left and right hand bags, meaning two can be zipped together to form a double bed size sleeping bag!

As with the square sleeping bag, they come with a stuff sack for easy unpacking/packing and also feature a full side and bottom zip, making them ideal for family travel as they can easily convert into a doona.
What Are The Different Types Of Down Sleeping Bags
What Are The Different Types Of Down Sleeping Bags

The Tapered Sleeping Bag

Great for the traveller, the tapered design reduces size and weight. However the user will feel a little more restricted.

Tapered sleeping bags are generally a little warmer rated than a rectangular bag, dependant upon the filling, however they will often feature a hood, which can significantly reduce heat loss whilst sleeping.

Featuring full side and bottom zips, tapered sleeping bags can be fully opened up, creating a doona effect, and are often sold with a compression stuf sack, which significantly squeezes the size of the bag when carried around.

What Are The Different Types Of Down Sleeping Bags

The Anaconda Double & Queen Size Sleeping Bag

These large sleeping bags come in both double and queen size providing plenty of space for two adults.

Built tough but comfortable, they will keep you warm even in frosty temperatures with their durable polyester outer shell with a soft silktek liner doubled up with fleece around the feet.

These double and queen sleeping bags can be easily fitted over their respective airbeds or self-inflating mattresses using the stretch pouches.

Two pillows are provided for a comfortable night sleep, and all this packs into a compact carry bag for convenient transport or storage.

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What Are The Different Types Of Down Sleeping Bags

Travel Liner

When you need a new sleeping bag, it may be a good idea to consider acquiring a travel liner as well. A good travel liner can increase the heat retention of your sleeping bag and increase the hygiene of your sleeping bag in general.

Many people who camp in warm environments tend to switch between their sleeping bag and travel liner as well, given the fact that a travel liner is a lot thinner than the sleeping back. On top of that, a good travel liner will protect you against insect bites. In short, benefits you cannot miss when you go camping or hiking in Australia.

There are also a lot of people that use travel liners in hotels abroad. Not all hotels are as hygienic as they should be, so a travel liner can be a temporary solution against contaminated sheets.

Travel liners can be purchased in a variety of materials. The most common materials for travel liners at the moment are silk, cotton and poly cotton. Silk is probably the priciest travel liner, while poly cotton is the most cost-effective option.

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