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What are the Different Sizes of Swags Available?

Looking for a swag that fits your needs? Find the perfect type, style and size of swag for your camping experience here at Anaconda. Whether you are camping alone or need your privacy, or want to spend the night next to your partner, the swag of your choosing will be compact and take up little space.

Small Size, Great Value

Swags are sleeping units that you can easily take with you and carry around anywhere. They are especially useful when out camping and exploring the great outdoors. Swags are light and compact allowing travellers and campers to comfortably carry them while walking on foot over different kinds of terrain. They also come with a built-in foam mattress yet are still not bulky!

Swags are essentially canvas sleeves that are built for the main purpose of sleeping in. At their most basic, they are sleeping bags that provide additional shelter and protection. They have just enough room for you to be able to squeeze yourself in yet offer space to comfortably shift around.

Traditional swags are just lengths of canvas that you lay down and sleep in to protect you from the ground and the surroundings. Modern swags make use of well-placed poles and frames to lift the canvas up so as to create more space, making it more breathable for the person occupying the swag. Swags are not intended as shelter for a long period of time wherein you wish to do various activities unlike camping tents. This is why swags come in typically small sizes. This is also what separates them from more spacious kinds of portable sleeping units like tents.

Their size may also be convenient if you are setting up camp where space is limited. Also, the small size and simple design allows you to set-up your swag in mere seconds.

Single Size Swag

Alone But Not Lonely

The Single Size Swag is the smallest size available for swags. This kind of swag is approximately 60 to 90 cm wide and 180 to 230 cm long. Given its size, the Single Size Swag is perfect for solo travellers who like camping and going on trips alone. If you are concerned only with having to sleep and rest, and do not require the extra room, the Single Size Swag will do. Even if you are on a trip with various other people, perhaps you want your own cosy and private sleeping space. The OZtrail Wentworth Swag would be a perfect example of a sturdy and durable Single Size Swag.

King Size Swag

Fit for a King

The King Size Swag is slightly bigger than the Single Size Swag at approximately 90 to 115 cm wide and 180 to 230 cm long. The two are the same length but the King Size Swag is a few centimetres wider.

This kind of swag is made to be occupied by a single person as well. However, it is a bit wider and more spacious in order to provide more room for those who want to be able to move around inside. This may also be used for those who have a bigger body frame than most, and may have trouble fitting comfortably inside the Single Size Swag.

If you are looking for a King Size Swag, the Burke & Wills Pilbara King Single Swag may be just for you.

Double Size Swag

Double the trouble

If you don’t like sleeping alone and are in need of a swag that can fit two people, the Double Size Swag is just what you need. Double Size Swags are approximately 110 to 130 cm wide and 190 to 230 cm long. Going out and bonding with your loved ones is something we all must take time to do. Camping and sleeping alongside your family member or friend can be a very fun experience. This can also be the perfect opportunity for a romantic getaway with that special person in your life.

Snuggle up inside a Double Size Swag like the OZtrail Mitchell Double Swag.

Varying Styles also Vary in Size

The size of the mattress installed in the swag usually sits between 35mm and 70mm thick. Depending on your preference, you may also put additional mattresses or paddings. However, if you have a mattress that is on the thicker side, once your swag is rolled up, it may be much thicker and bulkier to carry.

Envelope Swag

The original kind of swag may be called Envelope Swag and are simply two overlapping layers of canvas with a mattress.

Traditional Swag

The most basic kind of modern swag may be called Apex, Pole, or sometimes even Traditional Swag. These types of swags are basically an Envelope Swag that has a single pole at the head that lifts the top layer of canvas from the ground.

Compared to the Envelope Swag, this provides more ease and comfort in moving around and finding a comfortable position, as you do not have a sheet of canvas embracing your body.

Dome or Tunnel Swag

Another type of swag is the Dome or Tunnel Swag. A Dome Swag has curved poles or frames that are typically placed at the head and foot of the swag, and lift the top layer of canvas even more so than the Apex Swag. This creates an even more spacious swag where the occupant can move about more freely.


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