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Tents and Swags - What Is The Difference?

There are a lot of great sleeping units available for camping and hiking which may make it confusing to decide which one suits your needs. You have traditional swags, dome swags, folding bed tents as well as the standard tent. Choosing the right option may be the difference towards a successful trip vs a rather uncomfortable one!

If you pick a swag, would you have enough sleeping space? If you pick a tent, would it give you enough ventilation to last you the night? These are just some of the things that travellers and adventurers take into consideration when buying their gear for either trips to the outback or trips to the beach. If you’re having a difficult time because you don’t know what to choose, the below points of difference may be of help to you.

Swags vs Tents: Which is Better?

Swags and tents look very much alike and that’s why people get confused. But there are a few differences in their structure and material that sets them both apart.


Swags are not tents but they are very similar. One of the key differences is that swags are waterproofed as standard and have a built-in mattress. Swags are also insect-proof, meaning there will be little to no insects crawling under your clothes and biting you!

While there are tents out there on the market today that can offer waterproof protection, none can claim to also be insect-proof as well.

Tents of course still provide protection when zipped up from larger creatures who may be looking for food!


Swags were meant to be strong. Having a history of being a necessity for foot travellers also makes it necessary for them to be built with a certain brand of durability and strength to limit damage in harsh weather conditions. Tents are also built to be strong and durable as it is meant for camping, but it differs from the swag in structure and size.


As mentioned previously, Swags have a built-in foam mattress that comes with it. It’s like bringing your bed to a camping trip where you can rest after a long day’s work! Even if you don’t feel like exploring the world outside your swags, you can be sure that you’ll feel comfortable just lying in the comforts of your own space. This can be particularly helpful for people traveling alone because unlike swags, tents do not have this built-in amenity.

But if you’re going on a trip with a group, bringing a tent, pillows and a separate mattress is always worth it because of a tent’s spacious structure. You’ll be sure that all of you are comfortable in one tent. It’s more convenient in the sense that you won’t have to carry multiple swags for the family which can be equally bulky.


Both tents and swags can be easy to set up, but you’d have to spend a little more time setting up a tent, due to having to arrange the mattress and sleeping space.


Swags are generally more comfortable because of their canvas material, whereas tents on the whole, are generally made from materials that can limit ventilation.

Swag Versus Tents?

Choosing a tent or swag really just depends on your needs. If you’re looking for something that’s lightweight and convenient, suitbale for one, then we recommend you opt for a swag like the OZtrail Wentworth Swag or the BlackWolf Ryebuck Swag. If you’re looking for something more spacious, bring a tent like the EPE Speedy 2 Person Pop Up.

While campers are the primary buyers of these items, swags and tents can also be used for kids or family bonding at home. Tents and swags can be the perfect answer when you have guests over, yet little or no space for them to stay. They can also be a great alternative sleeping space for when your kids have their friends over and they just want to run around the garden!

Where Can I Get Swags and Tents?

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