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What Are Swags?

If you’re going on a camping trip in the outback, it’s important to ask yourself where you’ll be spending the night and what type of sleeping unit you’ll bring! Swags are great sleeping spaces providing temporary shelter when camping and hiking.

Swags – a Must-Have for Campers

Swag is a term used to refer to bedrolls. It’s a sleeping unit you can bring with you on your camping trips, beach trips, or for your children’s sleepovers. Normally rolled up into a bundle, they are an ideal solution for travellers walking long distances on foot, and coined the phrase “bedroll”.

Swags became popular because foot travel was essential to the agriculture industry in Australia during the early days. People would also call it a “backpack bed” because it can be carried around like your modern day backpack. Swags have been carried by shearers, miners, and the swagmen who are described as a transient type of temporary worker.

In modern times, definitions of these swags have changed. Today, these simple bedrolls have been redefined into a modern-day essential for campers, hikers and travellers alike and have since evolved in its form as well.

But what are the different types of swags and how do they differ from each other?

Types of Swags

Traditional Swags

The traditional swag is quite basic in terms of its structure and size. It can be described as having multiple sheets of canvas that you zip or unzip to reveal a mattress. Keeping you comfortable, the traditional swag will ensure you won’t have back pains in the morning!

They’re lightweight, easy to roll up and roll out, compact, portable and less pricey when compared to other types of swags on the market today.

One drawback however, is the limited free space afforded, with some parts of your sleeping bag outside the tent and if your tall, you may touch the canvas regularly. If this doesn’t bother you and you’re running on a tight budget or need a light-weight option, then the traditional swag is the best choice for you.

Dome Swag

The traditional swag and dome swag don’t differ too much except for the dome-like structure of the latter providing you more space to move and more pockets and compartments to utilise for storage. The additional compartments are especially helpful when travelling for extended periods across long trails and difficult terrain.

Dome swags come in a variety of sizes. An example of a smaller dome swag is the OZtrail Wentworth Swag. The durable 330gsm ripstop canvas will keep you dry at night whilst the No-See-Um mesh windows allow for greater ventilation.

An example of a larger dome swag would be the BlackWolf Ryebuck Swag where you have both the luxury of a larger ventilation and a bigger space where you can twist, turn and stretch if you so choose. You’ll also have a larger opening for you to enter and exit as you please.

Although traditional and dome swags differ in structure, they both have three primary sizes as standard. You have the single, king single and the double sized swags. Single-sized swags are around 60cm to 90cm wide and 180cm to 230cm long. The king single measures about 90cm to 115cm wide and 190cm to 230cm long. If you really need your space and comfort, the double-sized swag comes in at 110cm to 130cm wide and 190cm to 230cm long.

What Are Swags For?

People think swags are not as good as congenital tents for a variety of reasons including space. But there are a couple of things you can do with swags that are not applicable to Tents:

For Emergency

A lot of people have swags just in case they get stuck somewhere and can’t get help for a couple of hours. Getting stranded in the middle of nowhere when on long journeys is never ideal, but at least a Swag will provide shelter. So, if you’re driving around the country, make sure you have one at hand. It’s much more comfortable than the backseat of your vehicle or the dusty road!

For Leisure

Hiking trips in the outback can be a more enjoyable experience with a swag. Since swags are lightweight and easy to assemble, you’ll have more time exploring the wonderful world around you.

For Fun

Many people have fond memories of growing up, making forts in the backyard and pretended to be kings and queens of their castles!

Having a swag in storage could come in handy, recreating those situations with your family, bonding outdoors. Place multiple swags side by side and pretend it’s an army barracks! Afterwards, you can use them as your children’s or even your own sleeping quarters.

Even if you’re not the type of family who likes to play pretend, you can just set a swag up outside and gaze up at the stars and constellations for a relaxing and out of this world sleeping experience!

Where Can I Buy Swags?

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