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Choosing A Swag

What Is a Swag?

A swag is often referred to as a portable sleeping unit. Even though a tent and a swag perform the same function, there is a crucial difference between the two. A swag tends to be big enough for one or two people, while a tent can accommodate up to ten people.

What Should I Take into Account When I Purchase a Swag?

Even though a swag is considerably smaller than the average tent, there are still many things to take into account when purchasing.

When camping or hiking, you want to be fully protected against all weather elements and have a good night sleep! To ensure this, be sure to take the following guidelines into account when purchase your new swag.

Weathering / Seasoning your Swag

New cotton canvas swags need to go through a process called weathering or seasoning. This is as simple procedure, simply put up the swag when rain is forecast and wait for the clouds to open. Or hose down with water and wait overnight to dry. The swag will get wet, some drips will come through and all the cotton fibres in the weave will swell, nestling into one another. The result? A perfectly waterproof swag and one that will give years of good service if well looked after.

What Is the Difference Between a Swag and a Tent?

What sizes are available?

Our range of swags are available in 1 per or 2 person. Ranging from 2m – 2.2m in length. And ranging from 70cm – 140cm wide.

The carry weight of our swags range from our 5kgs Biker Swags up to our 14kgs two person Double Swag

Different types of Canvas?

Our range of Swags come in a range of different Grams per Square Metre (gsm)

The higher the gsm, the higher the quality of Canvas. Meaning the canvas will not rip as easily. Our Swags range from 320 gsm up to 450 gsm

All of our swags come with a foam mattress included.

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