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Dome Tents Vs Canvas Tents

What Is the Difference Between a Polyester Tent and Canvas Tent?

As there are so many different types of tents available today it is important to explore and understand what your options are.

The most popular tents on the market are the polyester tent and canvas tent. Read on to discover the differences between polyester and canvas tents, and choose the one that fits your camping style the best!

Why choose a Polyester Tent?

Usually the cheaper option – the more affordable option.

Lightweight – a lot lighter and less bulky when packed up. Best for backpacking, trekking. Making these tents a lot easier to get to the campsite.

Quick Dry – When a Polyester tent is exposed to water to rain, it doesn’t take long for the fly to dry.

Water Resistant – Some of our Polyester Tents are tape seam sealed. Meaning that no water can get into the tent. Making our Polyester Tents water Resistant or Water Proof.

Less maintenance – Resistant to mildew, mould, tares & rips.

Coatings applies to the Polyester – Made or covered with coating to increase water resistant, UV resistance. The quality of these coatings will vary by tent/manufacturer. 

However, please keep in mind the cons of a Polyester Tent:

Sometimes cannot be the best insulators – Heat can build up in hot temperatures and get chilly in colder temperatures.

Breathability – Condensation is possible due to the tent sometimes not being able to naturally breathe.

Discolouration – If exposed to sun for a long period of time.

Why choose a Canvas Tent?

Insulation – Will not get as warm or as cold as a Polyester Tent.

Breathability – Cotton is a breathable fabric.

Absorbs water – No issue with condensation.

Long Lasting – Canvas usually lasts longer

Natural Water resistance – If you season Canvas before use (by applying water to the Canvas) this will make your Canvas Tent totally water resistant/water proof.

However, please keep in mind the cons of a Canvas Tent:

Heavy & Bulky – Can be problematic when transporting to your campsite if fitting into your car.

Not seasoning your Canvas properly – If you do not wet down the canvas before use, this does not allow the seams in the Canvas to swell. Meaning your Tent will leak if rained on.

Maintenance – Canvas usually required more maintenance. You need to dry the tent completely before packing up. Otherwise this can cause mould or mildew

Cost – Usually Canvas Tents are more pricey compared to a Polyester Tent.

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Other Tent Types?

Even though the dome tent and canvas tent are the most sold tents on the market, there are additional options out there.

To learn more about these additional tent types, please read on.


When you need a tent for extreme weather conditions, you will need a geodesic tent.

You will often see these tents on TV during an expedition, because the geodesic is amongst the most stable of tents currently available. In order to provide the necessary stability during extreme weather conditions, the geodesic tent uses multiple poles that run across the surface of the tent.

There is also a semi-geodesic tent, which also gives great stability, but less than the geodesic tent due to using less poles.

Being the most stable tent on the market does however come at a cost, with the price of a geodesic tent considerably more than your average tent. That being said, if you need protection against extreme weather conditions and ensure your safety and comfort during an expedition, the geodesic tent is recommended.

Quick Pitch / Pop-Up

The quick pitch tent, also known as the name instant tent, is the most popular choice for inexperienced campers. If you've never pitched a tent, then you will need something that's easy to set up. The quick pitch tent meets that requirement, taking only a minute to erect.

Most quick pitch tents are equipped with a sprung frame, which is hidden in the fabric of the tent. Thanks to this you only need to throw the tent in the air for it to activate, setting up your tent in no time at all.

The first generation of quick pitch tents were only good fair weather conditions, however this has changed over recent years. Manufacturers see the benefits of a quick pitch tent due to their popularity, so have added a number of features making the instant tent a lot more robust.

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Large Family

Families love to go camping, which is why tent manufacturers have created the large family tent.

If you want to go on a camping trip with more than four people, you often need more than one tent to accommodate everyone. However, the large family tent has so much space, it eliminates the need of acquiring additional tents.

The large family tent is durable and strong, but can be a bit of a challenge to set up during windy weather conditions. Because of their bigger size, the wind can easily go into the tent when it is being set up, creating a so-called ‘kite” effect. For that reason, a large family tent is not a good option for when you intend to camp in a large open area. However, if you have some help to set up the tent, you can still benefit from this great tent option.

Rigid Frame

Many people prefer the convenience of flexible poles. However, rigid poles have not disappeared from the market, and can still be a great option for the frame of a tent.

The rigid frame tent is a spacious tent that uses straight poles and angled joints. Thanks to the use of this ‘framework’, campers can count on a tremendous amount of space and stability.

Even though the rigid poles make a frame tent a lot heavier, it can be a great option on a campsite, especially if you want to spend your trip in luxury. However, the rigid frame tent is not suitable for hiking and trekking due to its high carry weight.

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