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How To Store Your Sleeping Bag

How To Store Your Sleeping Bag

Once you come back from a camping trip, you will need to store your sleeping bag until you need it again. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of storing their sleeping bag in the stuff sack. The stuff sack is great to protect your sleeping bag against the weather elements, but it is not suitable for long term storage.

How To Store Your Sleeping Bag


When you come back from your trip, it is essential to air dry your bag for a minimum of 24 hours. If you store your sleeping bag right away, it may cause damage to the fibres of the filling material.

Instead, hang your sleeping bag on the clothes line until it is ready for storage. Once the sleeping bag has air-dried for at least 24 hours, be sure to shake the sleeping bag to fluff up the filling material. Then, store your sleeping bag in a cool and dry space.

Ideally, you can hang the sleeping bag in your wardrobe or spread it out underneath your bed. However, ensure that the sleeping bag does not come into contact with too much dust, since this may cause dust allergies when you go camping next. Instead, use a breathable storage bag or pillowcase that keeps your sleeping bag in mint condition.

How To Store Your Sleeping Bag


With proper care, a good sleeping bag can last up to twenty years.

However, the lifespan of your sleeping bag does somewhat depend on the filling material and the craftsmanship.

If you are currently looking for high-quality sleeping bags, be sure to have a look at our collection.

How To Store Your Sleeping Bag
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