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How To Pick The Perfect Sleeping Bag

How To Pick The Perfect Sleeping Bag

There is nothing worse than not being the right temperature when sleeping in a tent. We have put together a list of everything you need to know to get the best night sleep!

How To Pick The Perfect Sleeping Bag


1. Check The Weather!

In order to get maximum comfort from your sleeping bag, you will need a sleeping bag that matches the time of year. If you pick the wrong sleeping bag, you may end up too cold or sweat excessively, depending on the temperature of the environment you are in.

How To Pick The Perfect Sleeping Bag


2. Is It Cold?

For camping in the winter, we recommend a sleeping bag with a mummy design. The mummy bedroll is characterised by its distinctive mummy shape. The shape of the bedroll has a specific purpose, keeping the warm air inside by keeping the bedroll as close to your body as possible.

When you compare the mummy bedroll with other sleeping bags, you will immediately notice that the mummy bedroll is smaller than other bedrolls. The volume of the mummy bedroll is reduced on purpose, since it is easier to keep a smaller space warm than it is to keep a large space warm. Most mummy bedrolls are used by adventurers, hikers and trekkers, considering they often deal with cold temperatures. Most mummy bedrolls provide a comfort rating between minus ten and minus fifteen degrees Celsius, although there are some mummy bedrolls that go beyond that.

How To Pick The Perfect Sleeping Bag


3. Is It Hot?

Adventurers who need a good bed roll for the summer will need to look for bedrolls with cotton filling material. Cotton is a material that does not only keep you warm; it is a material that can guide warmth away from the body as well.

Out of the many bedroll designs available on the market, we would recommend a rectangular bedroll during the summer. Contrary to the mummy bedroll, the rectangular bedroll can be unzipped fully. By being able to fully open your bedroll, you will be able to cool down more easily. Travelers who know they will be dealing with extremely warm temperatures may want to consider obtaining a travel liner as well. If the temperature at night is simply too high for a bedroll, you can use the travel liner instead. A good travel liner will keep you comfortable, but also protect you against insect bites.

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