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Different Sleeping Bags For Different Seasons

What Sleeping Bags Do We Recommend For Each Season?

In order to get maximum comfort from your sleeping bag, you will need a sleeping bag that matches the time of year. If you pick the wrong sleeping bag, you may end up too cold or sweat excessively, depending on the temperature of the environment you are in.

To discover the best sleeping bag for your camping trip, please read our recommendations below.

Sleeping Bags for the Winter

For camping in the winter, we recommend a sleeping bag with a mummy design. The mummy sleeping bag is characterised by its distinctive mummy shape. The shape of the sleeping bag has a specific purpose, more specifically keeping the warm air inside by keeping the sleeping bag as close to your body as possible.

When you compare the mummy sleeping bag with other sleeping bags, you will immediately notice that the mummy sleeping bag pack size is smaller than other sleeping bags. The volume of the mummy sleeping bag is reduced on purpose, since it is easier to keep a smaller space warm than it is to keep a large space warm.

Most mummy sleeping bags are used by adventurers, hikers and trekkers, considering they are usually compact in size.

Recommended Sleeping Bags for the Winter

The Denali Capsule 700 Down Sleeping Bag is by far the best bedroll for the winter. The bedroll is made with 700 grams of genuine duck down, which delivers a good amount of warmth in a very cold environment.

Down is also a great filling material for warmth, as it is lighter than other filling materials such as synthetic fibre and cotton.

The lightness of the material reduces the overall weight of the bedroll greatly and this can be very advantageous for travellers who like to travel light.

Different Sleeping Bags For Different Seasons

Other Products to Consider for Winter Camping

A good sleeping bag is not the only thing you will need for winter camping! Before anything else, you will need the proper clothing to keep yourself warm when you are out and about. When you look for warm clothing, it may be a good idea to look for clothing with down filling, which can provide you with an extra layer of warmth when you need it most.

Adventurers who do not mind carrying a little extra weight should also consider a camp stove. A camp stove can help you to warm up a little after a cold day outside, or it can help you to prepare nice meals when you are out. Adventurers who prefer to travel light can still benefit from a camp stove. There are a number of lightweight solutions out there, but these lightweight solutions will only provide you with the bare essentials.

Camp lighting will also be essential, especially when you might have to deal with an emergency or want to read a book in your tent after it has gone dark. There are many light sources that are suitable for winter camping, both lightweight and multifunctional.

Sleeping Bags for the Summer

Adventurers who need a good sleeping bag for the summer will need to look for a sleeping bag with cotton filling material. Cotton is a material that does not only keep you warm; it is a material that can guide warmth away from the body as well.

Out of the many sleeping bag designs available on the market, we would recommend a rectangular sleeping bag during the summer.

Contrary to the mummy sleeping bag, the rectangular sleeping bag can be unzipped fully. By being able to fully open your sleeping bag, you will be able to cool down more easily.

Travelers who know they will be dealing with extremely warm temperatures may want to consider obtaining a travel liner as well. If the temperature at night is simply too high for a sleeping bag, you can use the travel liner instead. A good travel liner will keep you comfortable, but also protect you against insect bites.

 Recommended Sleeping Bags for the Summer

One of the better sleeping bags during the summer is the Black Wolf Murray Hooded Sleeping Bag.

The Black Wolf Murray was especially designed for warmer climates and has a comfort rating of 10 degrees Celsius.

The Black Wolf Murry is affordable and comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so this sleeping bag is recommended for all adventurers needing a sturdy sleeping bag for summer camping.

Different Sleeping Bags For Different Seasons

Other Products to Consider for Summer Camping

One of the most important things during a summer camping trip is hydration. For that reason, it is definitely a good idea to look out for useful hydration packs.

Hydration packs are not as cumbersome as they used to be. Manufacturers of camping equipment also tend to combine a hydration pack with a backpack, ensuring you do not have to carry a bottle of water with you at all times.

Summer camping can be great for cooking as well, depending on the nature of your camping trip. If you intend to stay near the tent and enjoy some well-deserved rest, we can recommend taking some additional camp cooking tools and equipment with you.

In addition to the basic camp cooker, further cooking equipment is available to get a more luxurious feeling whilst out camping. Useful additions to the summer camping trip can be the vacuum food sealer, a traditional Dutch oven, a thermal cooker and even a burner BBQ!

Always Be Prepared!

No matter if you go camping in the summer or winter, you always need to be prepared.

If you are an experienced camper, hiker or trekker, you are already familiar with the essentials you will need and some of the dangers you may encounter. However, if you are a first time camper and heading out for your first adventure, it can be a good idea to ask some additional advice at your local camping store.

Being informed cannot only make your trip safer, it can make it a lot more fun as well!

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