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Are Swags Ideal for Camping in All Weather Conditions?

Are you planning to go on an outdoor adventure but worried that the weather may not be at its best when you do? Don’t let the weather ruin your camping experience! Your search for the ultimate swag ends here at Anaconda. Take a look at our wide range of swags that are sure to keep you cosy - rain or shine!

Swags for All Seasons

Swags are compact portable sleeping units that you can take anywhere you go. If you are going camping or exploring nature, you must have a trusty swag with you to rest and sleep in.

Nature can be unforgiving, and just like that, the weather can turn. Always be prepared for whatever may happen, by bringing with you a top quality swag like the OZtrail Wentworth Swag, which will keep you feeling safe and protected no matter the conditions.

Sturdy and Durable

Swags are basically sleeves made out of canvas with pre-installed mattresses that you can slip yourself into and have a good night’s rest. Constructed from heavy duty canvas, swags keep you safe and protected from the elements. Adverse weather conditions are no match for the durable and high quality canvas swags are made of. A canvas swag is made from a mix of cotton and polyester fibres, making swags waterproof yet still light and breathable. Nylon may also be added to give extra strength and durability.

Small and compact, swags are primarily built to be slept in. Close to the ground, their low centre of gravity keeps them firmly planted down and unaffected from the wind.

For extra stability, swags can also be nailed to the ground using sturdy guide ropes and pegs. This will ensure your swag has the extra support required in adverse weather conditions, and won't move around, disrupting your sleep.

Keep Warm and Dry

Swags are typically made out of a waterproof canvas. They may also have heavy duty full length zippers and bases that are made out of PVC for added waterproofing. An unexpected cold and damp night out in the wilderness can ruin anybody’s camping trip! But with all the built-in protection from water that swags have to offer, you will certainly have a more enjoyable experience with no rains from coming in, or water from the ground seeping in.

Traditional swags are simply layers of canvas that you lay on the ground. Modern swags, however, have poles and frames that lift up the top layer of canvas. This elevation will allow rain water to just slide down the swag, not getting the mattress base wet.

In addition, some swags such as the BlackWolf Ryebuck Swag also have head and foot awnings that provide extra roofing and protection from the rain that may be blown by the winds.

Feel the Wind

Swags are small, and have limited space so having a material like canvas so close to your body can make it hot, especially under humid conditions. Traditional swags especially, give you too little space to move around and breathe. This is why modern swags, sold at Anaconda have head poles and foot supporters that lift the canvass off your body. Not only does this make for a more roomy sleeping experience, but air is also allowed to flow inside and circulate your swag. And if the rain is pouring, the added ventilation will prevent the inside of your swag from getting too humid.

If your swag is made entirely from canvas, on hot nights, the moisture from your body will be trapped inside and make it sweaty and sticky. To solve this, make sure your swag has windows made from a netted mesh like the Dune Barwon Swag. This will let the air flow freely inside, keeping unwanted insects and objects out. Windows and air vents properly ventilate your swag, allowing you to enjoy the fresh, cool breeze.

With built-in foam mattresses that are breathable, your sleep becomes cool and comfortable. They will also protect you from the rigid or damp surface of the ground. Bases made out of PVC can prevent water from seeping in, but they may also make it too warm if you are camping out in hot or dry grounds.

Easy to Transport

Swags are lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport. If you are travelling under rain or the steaming hot Australian outback sun, your swag will not be difficult to carry around. You also won’t spend too much time and effort setting up a sleeping unit that has too many parts that are difficult to figure out. It only takes a couple of seconds to lay down your swag or roll it back up if you need to change locations due to weather disturbances. Nature cannot be predicted, so if you need to vacate right away, packing up and transferring your swag will be the least of your worries.

Additional Support

There are traditional swags available that may not be completely closed all the way, with a gap at the head part. If there are hard and persistent rains, the water can get inside your swag.

While being able to shield you from the environment, swags still possess limitations. There’s nothing any kind of portable sleeping unit can do if you are up against a heavy storm or torrential winds. For additional protection, you can use extra tarps, or lay out your swags close to your vehicles or something sturdier.

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