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Are Swags Easy to Set Up?

Yes, definitely! This is why our range of swags make them the best choice for outdoor enthusiasts like you. Here at Anaconda, we have a multitude of swags to offer you – all of which are guaranteed easy to set up, practical, and comfortable.

Swags: Stress-Free Setting Up

Swags have become a favourite for Australian campers. The main selling point of swags over tents is their easy set up. You can build swags in a matter of seconds. Once you’re done setting up, just sit back, relax and watch your friends fumble while setting up their rickety and bulky tents.

Had too much fun hanging by the campfire and don’t want to spend time setting up a tent? Swags are so easy to assemble that you don't even need to have perfect light to set them up.

Time to go home... just roll up your swag and get going as soon as possible!

How Do You Set Up a Swag?

If you are wondering how swags are assembled, we have outlined the simple steps below.

The process of setting up swags depends on their type.

If you have a dome swag:

Make sure the poles are inside their sleeves. Put the poles together while checking they are inserted all the way through the sockets. If you fail to do so, there is a chance that the poles will be damaged.

Put the steel sleeves into the pins provided. Look for the hooks and fit them around the poles. Make sure you have already inserted the poles into the pins before you do this step. If not, you could damage the poles.

Fasten the guy ropes to the eyelets in the triangle tie down flaps and secure them. Ensure that your swag is tight enough and well secured to the ground.

Open up the flaps to maintain good circulation of air.

If you have the traditional type of swag:

Simply roll it out and tie down the flap to provide good air circulation.

Are there Different Types of Swags that I can Choose From?

Yes. Here at Anaconda, you can choose from a variety of options, including the following:

Envelope Style Swags

The envelope style swag is the first version of a swag. It has been used by campers in Australia for many years. It is simply a canvas at the top and bottom portion. The mattress and bedding for sleeping are found in the middle portion. These types of swag have become less expensive over the years and can now be found at very affordable prices.

They provide a simple set-up, that does not require ropes and pegs to be assembled. Just roll out the swags in the space available and you are good to go! The only disadvantage to this type of swag is that the canvas is placed on top of you. There is generally no screen protection. As such, when it starts to rain, you will need to pull the canvas over your head which makes breathing quite hard and can become uncomfortable.

Simple Pole Style Swags

Swags that have the simple pole style like the Dune Stockton Swag are similar to the envelope style.

The only difference being the inclusion of a small pole where the head is positioned in order to keep the canvas away from the occupant's face when wet.

Simple pole style swags also include a screen that keeps insects out. However, this then leads to air not lowing freely through the swag, making it warm and uncomfortable during the summer months.

The space provided is also not that big to move around freely.

Classic Dome Swags

The classic dome swag, such as the Dune Barwon Swag usually contains two to three hoop-type poles which hold the canvas steadily away from your body. This makes the swag, structurally at least, more like a tent.

Pick a unit with a good flyscreen, and you'll also be cool when using it during the summer.

The Classic Dome Swag also provides a lot of space compared to other styles, so you won't have to struggle getting yourself comfortable in order to sleep.

The only drawback with a Clasic Dome style swag is the number of pegs and ropes required because they can be unstable on hard surfaces.

Super Dome Swags

Building upon the Classic Dome style swag a modified version: the Super Dome Swag has recently appeared. As opposed to using a pole the middle of the swag, the Super Dome Swag uses a spreader pole which significantly reduces the time required for setup. As well as eliminating the need for using ropes and pegs!

Get your Swags and Other Camping Essentials at Anaconda

Looking forward to a camping trip this weekend? Make sure you get your swags and other camping essentials at Anaconda!

We are the leading one stop shop for all your outdoor camping and adventure needs at the lowest prices guaranteed.

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