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By Jennifer Adams, founder of TV travel series Places We Go, mother of 7 year-old daughter Charli, and lover of the adventurous life.

Why Biking And Camping Go Hand In Hand

From a very young age, one of my favourite things has been to go camping. My parents would pack my sister, brother and myself into the car several times each year and we would spend our holidays in places like Merimbula, Robe and Pambula with only the nylon of our tents between us and the stars.

When I started our television travel series Places We Go, it was only natural for me that we would feature camping holidays in the mix, and we even spent four months driving around Australia for Series 3, camping at countless incredible destinations and enjoying a myriad of unique experiences as a family.

Jennifer Adams Why Biking And Camping Go Hand In Hand

"Our family on a trip of a lifetime around Australia"

There is a certain freedom that comes with camping. No pressure or expectations on what you are wearing, what you look like, when the last time you took a shower was... With as much (or little) dust in your hair as you like, you can simply BE.

And I have also found that it has a flow on effect. The simple act of being in the nature, and away from the trappings of "civilised' life (not that camping isn't civilised, especially in this day and age), inspires you to maximise your outdoor experience. Go fishing, hiking, swimming, surfing... The list goes on. But my favourite activity to do while camping? Hop on a bike!

Jennifer Adams Why Biking And Camping Go Hand In Hand

"Check out your surrounds by bike!"


It just seems so natural. To me, jumping in a car to get somewhere while you are on a camping holiday takes away from the outdoors experience. But to use your own (pedal) power to transport yourself, whether for fun or exercise, just seems more in line with your holiday.

Check out any holiday park or campground full of holidaymakers and you will see... Kids and adults alike, all getting around on bike. Pass a car on the highway that’s packed full of camping gear, and more often than not, they will also have bikes strapped to the car as well. That’s the beauty of a camping holiday, you can pack all the ‘fun’ stuff you want.

Jennifer Adams Why Biking And Camping Go Hand In Hand

"Charli loves taking her bike on the road camping!"


Charli, our 7-year-old daughter, actually learned to ride a bike in a camp ground. Away from the busy streets and cars that surround us at home, she found the confidence to take the plunge as she felt safe and free. She had an audience of ‘present’ adults and other kids all watching and encouraging her, attentive to the big step she was taking and sharing the joy.

Bikes take you where cars simply will not... and give you the kind of exhilaration that hiking can rarely achieve.

There are so many bike paths and trails these days for both the very adventurous and the not-so-adventurous, the young and the old, that you are spoiled for choice. On a recent trip home from camping at Wilsons Promontory in Victoria, we stopped to bike part of the historic Great Southern Rail Trail, a path that follows a former railway line through the South Gippsland countryside, through gorgeous villages and towns and past stunning scenery. Scenery we would have otherwise just whizzed past in the car.

Jennifer Adams Why Biking And Camping Go Hand In Hand

"Exploring towns by bike"


We have often used the bikes on a camping holiday to tour the local countryside. Hint: they are a great way to check out some local wineries! For me, they offer an ideal way to experience the region you are visiting. You don’t miss the sounds and smells of the environment, you can stop and take pictures anywhere you want, you can work off any of those fantastic breakfasts that can be cooked at a campsite, and you can get off the road and away from the traffic to find some truly hidden gems.

One of the biggest advantages of camping and biking with your friends and family? Bonding. Sharing an experience in nature, away from screens and machines, and appreciating each others company and the natural environment.

So next time you are packing the car for a camping holiday, make sure you throw the bikes in too. You’ll not regret it!


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