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By Jennifer Adams, founder of TV travel series Places We Go, mother of 7 year-old daughter Charli, and lover of the adventurous life.

Top 4 places to fish in Australia - It's not just about the fish!

I think we would all agree, being surrounded by water in Australia we are totally spoilt for choice when it comes to fishing and the "best spots". Every fisherman, professional or amateur has their favourite spots for a myriad of reasons; but in my opinion none are better than others - it's all about the experience, and that's a mixture of the fishing and the surrounds!

Jennifer Adams Blog

"Good times fishing. Clint and Jen"


While we all have our regular go-to spots, I think it’s important to always spice life up a little and try new places.

So in the spirit of sharing, here are our top 4 fishing experiences we’ve enjoyed on Places We Go.

El Questro Wilderness Park, Kimberley, WA

I will never get over my experience of heli-fishing at El Questro, a spectacular million-acre property in the Kimberley that welcomes tourists to stay in cabins, camp onsite, or for something a little more exclusive, stay in the homestead.

Jennifer Adams Blog
"Heading out to find our fishing spot!"


There are a range of activities to do, and heli-fishing is hot on the agenda.

With our fishing rods, and a picnic packed in the back of the chopper, as soon as we became airborne the views were simply out of this world. Our pilot Barney navigated our way over the enormous property following the river upstream, hugging incredible rocky escarpments; it was like we were in the scene of an action movie.

Jennifer Adams Blog

"The view from our chopper!"                                                                "Pick your place to fish!"


Half-an-hour later, Barney literally landed the chopper on the side of the river bed, produced a few deck chairs, a picnic, cold beers and our rods! (yes, was pinching myself).

“The barrumundi will swim up to your rod,” he cheerfully explained. “There is no work needed here”.

So my partner Clint and I spent the next three hours losing bite after bite after bite, all the way to when the sun was starting to go down and it was time to jump back in the chopper.

Even though we flew back to our camp empty handed, this would be the most magical fishing experience of my life. All you could hear were a few ripples in the water, and feel the warm wind of the Kimberley on your face. It’s magic on earth.

What rod is best for Barramundi?

There are several rods that are great for Barramundi. Here at Anaconda, we recommend the Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 5’6” Baitcast rod with a heavy action, so you can put pressure on the Barra when they strike. Because when they strike, they strike hard!
(Eddy Vidot - Buyers Assistant for Anaconda Water Department)

Cape York Peninsular, FNQ

Our fishing expedition off the Tip of Australia on the Cape York Peninsular had high excitement and high reward on the fishing stakes.

Jennifer Adams Blog
"The fishing is hot on the Cape York Peninsular!"


The Cape York Peninsular is the largest unspoiled wilderness in Northern Australia, so making the drive up there is a brilliant adventure in itself. But throw a rod on the back of your truck or take a chartered tour from Cooktown like we did, and I’m sure you’ll find yourself surrounded by fish!

We took the boat out on the Coral Sea about 40 minutes from Cooktown, where all we really had to do was throw the rod in the water, and the fish came to say hello.

First up there was a huge Spanish Mackerel (which I felt a little sad about and let go), followed by nibble from a Giant Trevally.

Now these were all on my rod, not Clint’s. Needless to say he was not happy.

So, we persisted until late in the afternoon, when a six foot black tip whaler shark found its way onto Clint’s line, with a one-hour battle to reel him in. Sure enough Clint won. We took the photo, and let him go.

Jennifer Adams Blog
"Clearly Clint is happy with himself!"


What are the best rods for deep sea fishing?

The type of rod used for deep sea fishing depends on the target fish. For example, for Tuna you would use a roller tip rod or for Whiting you might use a 7’ 2pc rod. For general use though, a Fibreglass rod between 6’6” & 7’ in length, with a weight rating of 6-10kg would be ideal in most situations.
(Eddy Vidot - Buyers Assistant for Anaconda Water Department)

Roper River, Mataranka, NT

As soon as you arrive in the tiny outback town of Mataranka in the Northern Territory, just over a hundred kilometres from the town of Katherine, you’re greeted with statues of the real life characters from Jeannie Gunns book “We of the Never Never”, depicting the pioneering life in the Top End at the turn of the 19th century.

Jennifer Adams Blog

"Ropa River, Mataranka"


It’s also famous for it’s thermal springs and barramundi fishing on the Roper River, a large perennial river that flows east for over a thousand kilometres in the Katherine Region (the local holiday park even has resident barramundi feeding shows in their pond!).

Jennifer Adams Blog
"Local man Daryl leading the way"


We jumped in a tinny under perfect blue skies and took a cruise down the river, chatting to local man Darryl about what it’s really like to live this remotely. “The fishing is one of the highlights of my week, he replied. I jump in my tinny and am pretty much assured of catching dinner, and enjoy the peace and quiet of the river”.

With not another soul in sight, we watched the sun go down, and sure enough snagged dinner just in time for the barbie.

What are the best lures for catching Barramundi?

We highly recommend the Gold Bomber range of lures when out fishing for Barramundi.
(Eddy Vidot - Buyers Assistant for Anaconda Water Department)

North Stradbroke Island

North Stradbroke, or ‘Straddie’ as it’s affectionately known, is a fisherman’s paradise and a favourite family holiday spot of ours. There are so many options from off the shore, to calm boating options, mangroves and out to sea past the passage.

Jennifer Adams Blog
"Fishing on North Straddie"


Depending on where you go, there’s flathead, whiting, snapper, Spanish mackerel, marlin, yellow fin tuna, reefies, bream and even mud crabs for those who carry a pot or two. The list on this slice of paradise is really endless.

A fishing adventure we have loved here was by sea kayak at Amity Point whereby we paddled out for half an hour or so and threw a line in. Within minutes we had plenty of nibbles and reeled in a decent whiting for dinner… Ah no we don’t have a photo, between the kayak and the rods, there was no spare hands… you’re just going have to trust us on this one!

Best rod for a sea kayak?

The type of rod you would use on a sea kayak depends on what fish you would be targeting. For most people a 7’ rod within 4-6kg is ideal as it gives you enough length to circle the boat comfortably without any issues.
(Eddy Vidot - Buyers Assistant for Anaconda Water Department)


I hope this has opened your mind on different places to fish in Australia, we would love to know your favourites and why!

Jen x


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