Get outside in rugged hiking shoes and boots, lightweight running footwear and protective apparel today!Merrell is a provider of performance outwear, giving you what you need to combat the elements and conquer your summits. Supporting you every step of the way, Merrell always aim to provide comfort, out-of-the-box fit, and style for every hike, run and ramble that you pursue outside. Make Outside Moments Happen!.

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Can I purchase Merrell shoes and boots from Anaconda?

Founded in 1981, Randy Merrell began by designing and manufacturing custom made boots for the outdoor enthusiast, and they are now responsible for producing some of the best hiking shoes and boots is the business. Whatever your outdoor pursuit, you are sure to find the right footwear for the job amongst the Merrell collection. If you are looking for shoes that are comfortable, breathable and suitable for your outdoor needs, or perhaps just for everyday wear, then Merrell would be a great place to start. Discover our performance-driven range of Merrell boots and shoes for men, women and children online or at your local Anaconda store today.

How do I choose the right pair of shoes for me?

Before you start shopping for your hiking boots or shoes, it is essential to consider the conditions that you plan to be walking in, and how long you usually trek for. The sort of hiking that you will mostly be doing will indicate the type of boots or shoes that you buy.

The weather: If you tend to trek in warm conditions, then you would be better suited to a low cut boot or shoes that is breathable and comfortable. On the other hand, if you tend to be out in colder or wet weather, a higher cut that is also waterproof would be better suited.

The terrain: If you plan on trekking across more challenging terrains, then it is important to consider high cut boots and appropriate outsoles, In contrast, on flat easier grounds, lightweight shoes or boot may be a better option. Merrell also has a selection of shoes that are designed for every day, and if you are looking for a comfy pair of shoes for hitting the shops, working, or school, then these could be a perfect choice.

The load: Think about the weight of your boots and the load that you intend to be carrying. If you have a long way to go, then a lightweight boot or shoes may be a better choice, however, if you are taking a fully loaded pack, then a heavier boot will provide increased support.

What size of hiking boots or shoes should I purchase?

One of the most important things is to ensure that your hiking boots or shoes are the right fit. We recommend wearing your hiking socks when you are trying them on and spend at least ten minutes testing them. If you are ordering your boots or shoes online, and you have ordered the wrong size, then we do have returns and exchanges available. Also, remember that it is essential that you break in your boots or shoes, wear them around the house or while you are running errands, and do not wear brand new boots straight onto a hike. Wearing ill-fitted footwear is bad for your feet, and blisters can have a severely negative impact on your outdoor experience!

What features should I look out for when choosing hiking shoes and boots?

Hiking shoes are possibly the most essential piece of kit that you will take on your trail, and you should choose features that best fit your adventure. As previously mentioned, there are plenty of benefits to wearing a heavier boot as this will provide you with more stability and support. However, this will also increase the pressure on your legs, and a lightweight option may be the better choice for you.

Waterproof boots will help to prevent water from getting into your shoes. However, some hikers prefer to have a non-waterproof footwear that is more breathable, particularly if they prefer to be outdoors in the summer. Whether you are looking for leather or innovative materials that are designed to be breathable and moisture wicking, Merrell shoes are available in a wide assortment of different materials. Some boots have a mounded arch to support your feet while you are walking, while others forego this. The arch support that you choose will depend on your personal choice and what you plan to be doing on your adventure.



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