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Cool Outdoor Must-Haves for Kids at Anaconda!

Camping is a great experience for adults, but kids can join in the fun too! At Anaconda, customers can find loads of camping equipment and furniture, suitable for kids. If you are planning on taking your kids on your next camping trip, be sure to check out our recommended outdoor must-haves for kids below.

What Is the First Must-Have from Anaconda's Range for Kids?

The first essential for a camping weekend with the kids is a good sleeping bag. There are several available at Anaconda, but one of our favourites is the Spinifex Kid's Keira Sleeping Bag. The Spinifex Kid's Keira Sleeping Bag comes in two styles, blue and pink. 

Our Spinifex Kid's Keira Sleeping Bag contains increased filling, which means this sleeping bag is certainly suitable when it gets a little colder. It also contains polyester lining that makes the sleeping bag more comfortable. Therefore, if you are taking the kids on a camping trip, you cannot miss out on the Spinifex Kid's Keira Sleeping Bag.

What Is the Second Must-Have from Anaconda's Range for Kids?

There is bound to be some time to sit around the campfire during your camping trip, so your kids will require their own camping chairs. At Anaconda, you can find several themed options from Spinifex, which come in the form of a cockatoo, frog, lizard, and other cute versions. However, there is also a comfortable chair from the Dune brand parents should consider since this chair comes with extra functionality.

The Dune Kid's Directors Chair with Side Table provides optimal functionality to kids on any camping trip. Not only is this chair made from durable alloy, it also comes with a convenient side table and a drink holder that makes the chair extra functional. Of course, the presence of the side table also makes the chair suitable for barbecues, so you will find that this option is a worthy investment for your household.

Like most camping furniture for children, the Dune Kid's Directors Chair with Side Table comes in various colours, more specifically blue and red. Let your child pick his or her favourite and start your camping trip on the right note.

What Is the Third Must-Have from Anaconda's Range for Kids?

Camping in a location where there is little additional light at night? If so, then you could consider one of the headlamps available at Spotlight, some of which are specifically made for kids.

One of the brands parents should certainly look at is Tactical, who provides two adorable headlamps for kids. One features a beautiful duck, while the other features an image of a ghost.

The Tactical headlamps for kids are suitable for a variety of things. Firstly, they can be used as reading lights after dark. They can also be used for those hiking trips once the sun goes down. Of course, they can also provide some comfort for children who are afraid of the dark, but don't want to let that stop them on their camping trip.

What Is the Fourth Must-Have from Anaconda's Range for Kids?

Since there is little technology available on a camping trip, parents should always pack something to keep the kids entertained. One of the best ways to keep the kids happy and busy is with some ball games. Not only will this keep them busy, it will ensure they are tired when it is time for bed.

At Anaconda, customers can find several balls that are suitable for kids. These options include the Opus Football, Rugby Ball, and Netball. We usually recommend getting more than one of these balls though - this enables you to play multiple ball games with the kids during the camping trip.

What Is the Fifth Must-Have from Anaconda's Range for Kids?

Are you planning a camping trip that will involve some water sports? If so, you must get a buoyance aid for your child, which will protect your child on the water. There are several available at Anaconda - this includes several options from renowned brand Yak.

What Other Must-Haves for Kids Should I Consider for a Future Camping Trip?

We only covered some of the basics today because there are countless other must-haves available at Anaconda. At Anaconda, customers can find kids' outdoor clothing, swimwear, floating devices, water bottles, and much more. Check out the full range today and discover which other must-haves could make your child's camping trip even better.

Do you have any questions about the camping must-haves for kids we mentioned today? Or could you use some advice on a purchase you are going to make? For more assistance or information, please contact the Anaconda team via email or telephone. Our team will be happy to provide you with the info you require.



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