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Womens Work & Industry Footwear

Womens Work & Industry Footwear

Don't take any chances when it comes to working with machines, heavy objects or in wet, slippery or unpredictable conditions, protect your feet with some of the work industry footwear from Anaconda!

The range includes shoes with extra grip, waterproof boots and shoes, rubber and waterproof safety boots and more, in sizes from 3 -13 including some half sizes. Ideal for protecting your feet in many different workplaces, from commercial kitchens to building sites.

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Can I purchase womens work and industry footwear at Anaconda?

Yes, whether you want to protect your feet when doing DIY at home, or have a job that involves working with machinery or in unsafe conditions, Anaconda can help you with a great selection of women’s shoes specifically designed to protect your feet in a number of situations.

What should I consider when choosing work or safety footwear?

Work and safety footwear can offer different levels of protection. It is important to make sure that you have the correct level of protection depending on the potential hazards involved to ensure maximum protection for your feet. Injury risks can for instance include:

  • Impact by heavy objects, resulting in crush injuries
  • Sharp objects – risk of puncturing the sole or uppers
  • Absorption of elements – such as water or oil
  • Build-up of static electricity
  • Extreme temperatures

When choosing safety footwear, you consider also consider the following:

  • Safety standards (some firms employ national or in-house standards that shoes or boots need to comply with, so check before spending your money)
  • Material: leather or synthetic shoes can have significant price differences
  • Indoor or outdoor use (think of temperature – hot or cold environments, climate – sun, snow or rainy conditions)
  • Hazards: oil or chemicals can affect different footwear materials in different ways.

When should work & industry footwear be worn?

There are many different jobs where safety footwear is important. Healthcare, catering, industrial sites, and transport are just some areas where you may need to protect yourself against spills, trips, accidents with sharp objects or machinery, use of chemicals, dropping heavy objects, danger of electric shocks and more. If in doubt, make sure that you check with your employer.

These shoes can also be extremely useful if you are undertaking major works at home, such as building works, landscaping or even working on some art and craft projects. Although work and safety footwear may not always look pleasing to the eye, you will be grateful of its protection in case of an unforeseen accident.

Does Anaconda sell other types of footwear too?

Yes, check out our whole range of women’s footwear for sandals and thongs, casual shoes, running shoes, gumboots, snow and apres boots, slippers and more to find all your footwear solutions in one handy place, in a great range of sizes, styles, brands and prices here at Anaconda.

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