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Our perfect water shoes for men and women made by Anaconda is well-suited for water activities. Shop a pair of water shoes now at Anaconda in-store or online.

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What kind of water shoes can I buy from Anaconda?

Anaconda sells water shoes and aqua socks in a variety of styles and designs. We have water shoes for men, women and children so everyone in the family can safely have fun in the water.

Why should I buy a pair of water shoes?

Water shoes are the best kind of footwear to have if you're going to be spending a significant amount of time getting your feet wet. If you're walking on the beach, sandals may seem like a good idea, but once you step in the water, you'll be wasting a lot of effort trying to unstick your sandals from the sand with every step. You can go barefoot, but this leaves your feet with no protection from rocks, jagged edges and debris that you can't see beneath the water.

Water shoes provide a protective layer around the top of your feet and toes, which minimizes the chances of getting nasty cuts and abrasions. The thicker sole of a water shoe not only gives you added protection from getting punctured by sharp objects, but also provides better footing and traction on rocks and slippery boat decks.

When you do step out of the water, water shoes and aqua socks won't be weighed down with water because it's made of lightweight materials that don't absorb or hold excess water. With any other type of footwear, you'll always have water trapped inside and squishing about with each and every step until you completely drain it and let it dry. Regular shoes can also get easily damaged if it's left soaking in water all the time.

Water shoes also provide an extra layer of insulation for your feet when the water is really cold.

Where can I use water shoes?

Water shoes and aqua socks are ideal for many types of watersports and outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing, boating, sailing, hiking, river crossings, or just having fun at the beach or by the pool.

What are water shoes made out of?

Water shoes and aqua socks are typically made out of a thick rubber sole with a thinner mesh or neoprene upper. Some aqua socks have a simple slip-on design, while others use laces and elastic cords for a more secure fit.

What other swim and surf wear can I buy at Anaconda?

Aside from water shoes, Anaconda also has a huge selection of swimwear and surf wear for men, women and children. Check out the Swim and Surf Wear section of the Clothing product category and you'll find great outfits you can wear at the beach or for swimming. We have swimsuits, jammers, swim shorts, board shorts, sun tops and rash guards with stylish and trendy designs for all ages.



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