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How To Choose The Best Sandals For Your Feet This Summer?

Anaconda has a lovely collection of sandals for men, women, and children. With some sandals from this collection, you can be sure that your feet will be comfortable during warmer temperatures. But what if you never bought sandals before? How do you choose the best pair of sandals for your needs? Read our comprehensive guide below to master sandal selection.

Which Sandals Should I Choose For Wide Feet?

The design of your sandals should cater to the overall shape of your foot. If you have wider feet, you may find that some shoes can cause your feet to hurt. Therefore, certain designs of sandals may be less suitable for wider feet.

Customers with wider feet should avoid sandals with extra material on the side or on the top, this can cause your feet to rub against the material if you do a substantial amount of walking. If you do prefer a design such as this, it is often a good idea to buy a size up.

For female customers, sandals with a dedicated ankle strap and a toe post will accommodate wider feet better. Our male customers will find that sandals with a toe post and side straps accommodate them best.

Which Sandals Should I Choose for Narrow Feet?

Much like wide feet, narrow feet can cause some problems with shoes as well. Therefore, the right fit of sandals is just as important for customers whose feet are narrower.

Contrary to customers with wide feet, those with narrow feet should look for sandals with upper covering. It is also recommended to look for sandals with upper covering that can be adjusted, as this allows you to tighten the sandals to fit your feet a little better.

When you have narrow feet, it is vital to obtain shoes that will take the pressure from your toes. The toes are often a problem for those with narrow feet, so getting a good fit around the entirety of the foot becomes more important.

Can Sandals Prevent Sweating?

Some people are more prone to sweating of the feet than others. Naturally, sandals are counted amongst the preferred footwear for those that do sweat a lot, as the open design allows for ventilation.

Sandals can have a lot of material on it, depending on the type you buy. If sweating is a primary concern, then it is a good idea to look for sandals with as little additional fabric or other material as possible.

Which Sandals Are Best For Those Who Suffer From Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a relatively common condition yet finding suitable footwear can be troublesome. There is a simple trick to find the best shoe for your needs though, as there are some minor tips you can implement during your selection.

When selecting a suitable sandal for a problem such as plantar fasciitis, always ensure you have the correct size for your feet. Sizes can vary a little from shoe brand to shoe brand, so trying the sandals on first can be essential.

With plantar fasciitis, it is also recommended to have stability. A deep heel cup on a pair of sandals can certainly contribute to stability as you are walking around. Of course, this is another reason to test the footwear beforehand, as you can certainly feel the difference in this design if you suffer from plantar fasciitis.

How Can I Prevent My Feet From Swelling In Sandals?

Once again, the overall design of your sandals will be important to prevent swelling in the first place. It is not uncommon for feet to swell during the summer though, as the combination of warmer weather and fluid retention can easily have that effect.

To prevent your feet from swelling too much in your sandals, look for sandals that have a flatter stole. An open-style sandal is also advised, as this allows the foot to expand more if it should swell. Open sandals also have better ventilation, which means the temperature inside the sandals is kept balanced. With a more stable temperature, feet are less likely to swell.

Getting Sandals From Anaconda

Anaconda has a beautiful range of sandals suitable for all types of feet. If you have not found a pair of sandals to meet your requirements, be sure to check out our online catalogue.



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