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How Do I Choose Hiking Shoes That Are Right For Me?

Hiking is a fun way to be active. Of course, it becomes less fun if you do not have the right footwear, as you can encounter problems such as blisters and sore feet. Fortunately, you can take advantage of good hiking shoes and boots to make your hiking experience a good one. If you are curious about the available options and how to choose the best pair of hiking shoes, be sure to read our information below.

Are There Different Types Of Hiking Shoes Available?

There are many different types of hiking shoes. In fact, you can make a distinction between hiking shoes and boots. Naturally, hiking shoes are known to be more lightweight and less cumbersome, while the boots provide some extra support and are slightly heavier. Of course, there are more differences than that, but these are some of the main factors you need to remember before you start looking at details.

What Should I Know About The Different Materials Used For Hiking Shoes?

As you can imagine, there is a large range of materials that can be used to create the exterior and interior of the hiking shoe. To give you a better overview of common materials, we have provided a summary of the most prominent materials below.

Full-grain leather - This is considered as one of the strongest materials for hiking shoes and boots. The material has a natural abrasion and water resistance, which makes it extremely suitable for outdoor environments.

When you purchase any hiking shoes made from this material, always remember that you need some time to break these shoes in. Leather can be rather unforgiving if you have not broken them in beforehand. So, if you purchase hiking shoes in full-grain leather, always take the break in time into consideration.

Split-grain leather - A split-grain leather is a brilliant material for people who want a lighter alternative to full-grain leather. Since this kind of leather is usually combined with mesh in the design of the hiking shoes, you can count on this type of material to provide hiking shoes with more breathability. However, because of their additional breathability, they can be less resistant to water and abrasions. Therefore, only use split-grain leather when you are hiking on a well-kept path.

Nubuck leather - This is a specific type of full-grain leather, since it undergoes special production processes that make it look like suede. Much like full-grain leather, it provides good resistance against abrasions and water. However, compared to full-grain leather, it is a lot softer and more pleasant to the touch.

Since Nubuck leather is also a full-grain leather, you will also need time to break in hiking shoes that are made from this material. Overall, it requires the same amount of time as regular full-grain leather.

Synthetic material - Several synthetic materials can be used for the creation of hiking boots, this includes materials such as nylon and polyester. These materials are considerably lighter than leather and also dry considerably faster, which is good news for those who do not like to maintain their leather hiking boots every time they went for a hike.

Of course, synthetic materials are less strong than the leather materials we mentioned earlier. However, they break in a lot faster and are a lot more affordable. So, this could be a great choice for anyone who is just discovering hiking and wants to test the waters. It is also a budget-friendlier option for experienced hikers.

How Do I Select The Right Outsole?

The outsoles of your hiking shoes are important too. They can have a variety of different patterns, each suitable for a specific surface. For example, if you choose a shoe with a lug pattern, you can enjoy improved grip and better traction on muddy environments. So, always consider where you will be hiking when you select hiking shoes and boots.

Buying Your Hiking Shoes At Anaconda

To ensure that you have all the information needed to buy the best hiking shoes, you can count on Anaconda and its online catalogue. If you wish to learn more details about a specific shoe in this range, simply click on the product name to head over to the product description and acquire the information you need.



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