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Kids Training & Walking Shoes

Kids Training & Walking Shoes

Looking for training or walking footwear for your kids? Then take a look at the range here at Anaconda. Anaconda sells all types of kid's footwear, including thongs, sandals, shoes, trainers, sports boots, gumboots and snow boots.

Ranges include great value everyday basics as well as many well-known brands. Choose from different sizes, styles and colours for boys and girls.

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Can I buy children’s training and walking shoes from Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Here at Anaconda, we stock a wide range of children’s training and walking shoes from great value trainers to premium quality products from leading brands. Protect your little one’s feet with our collection of kid’s shoes, available now at Anaconda’s bargain prices.

Which training shoes should I purchase for a child?

Well, that depends on what they are doing really and whether you are looking for a shoe for a specific sport or an all-rounder for light exercise and everyday use. Consider the activities that they are likely to be doing in the shoes, for example, running shoes for the budding athlete are specifically designed for that purpose. Look for training and walking shoes that have a flexible textured sole as this will help children to keep their footing on uneven ground.

Whilst children’s feet are developing they may require extra support from their shoes, so look for a shoe that has a stiff heel that does not collapse easily when its sides are pushed together. It is also recommended that you check the flexibility of the toes, they should not be too stiff but you should not be able to bend them too much. Most importantly, ensure that the child themselves likes the shoes, they are not likely to wear them as much if they do not and they will know best if the shoes are comfortable or not.

How to choose the right size of trainer or walking shoes for my child?

Whilst children and young people’s feet are still developing; it is critical that they wear the correct size of shoes, as ill-fitted shoes can lead to a number of difficulties in later life. All of our shoes are in line with Australian and New Zealand standards, and for further information check the sizing guides available by each product. If you are ordering online, we recommend that you measure your child’s feet before you purchase. Children’s feet grow at an incredible rate, and it is important to measure them often. When you measure a child’s feet, ensure that they are stood up straight with their feet flat on the ground. Use a tape measure along the bottom side of the foot. Remember, it is very common for people to have one foot that is bigger than the other, and you should shop for the bigger foot.

How to care for and maintain children’s training shoes and walking boots?

Cleaning your shoes depends on which ones you buy, and you should always check the individual product for the best cleaning method. Most shoes, however, you should be able to brush with a soft bristled brush to remove any excess dirt. Then wipe the affected areas with a damp cloth and a small amount of dish soap water solution. Next, apply water to a second cloth to remove any remaining detergent. Allow your shoes to dry at room temperature, avoiding any heat sources or direct sunlight. If shoes are made from a suede material, it is not advised to get them wet and appropriate cleaning products should be purchased.

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