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Climbing Footwear

Climbing Footwear

Rock climbing is a mind, body and spirit sport.

We've got you covered with our range of comfortable climbing footwear to suit your climbing needs.

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Can I purchase climbing footwear from Anaconda?

Yes, you can. The right footwear makes all the difference, and at Anaconda, we have a wide selection of climbing footwear to choose from, from some of the world's leading brands. Whether you are a beginner in the world of climbing or a seasoned pro, discover our collection of climbing shoes that will help you to always have steady feet on the face. With such a huge choice available, plus Anaconda's unbelievably low prices across the range, explore all of our climbing gear and always be prepared and protected on your climbing adventure.

How do I buy climbing footwear from Anaconda?

You can purchase our range climbing footwear online now, and you will receive your item in less than five working days. See here for more information regarding delivery times and costs. If you prefer, you could also visit one of our thirty-five nationwide stores, where one of our team will be happy to help you choose the right climbing footwear for your adventure.

What do I need to look out for when choosing Climbing Footwear?

The climbing footwear that you choose will depend on a few different things, and, most importantly, the type of climbing that you do the most. Climbing shoes with a downturned shape have been purposely designed for climbing steep and overhanging terrain. However, if your climbing tends to be more of a sheer cliff face or vertical ground, comfortable shoes with a flatter profile may be the better option. Choose the width and volume of the boots in relation to the size of your feet, ensuring that it is comfortable and the right choice for you.

If you have shoes with very flexible midsoles, they are better suited for smearing and getting to grips with slipping or sloping holds. However, stiffer shoes will give you a better ability to stand on small positive holds. It is also important to think about the material of your shoes, choose one that is breathable, comfortable and will allow maximum flexibility. Always remember that it is essential to break your shoes in, as blisters can severely hamper your climbing adventure.

What size of climbing footwear should I choose?

Getting a shoe that fits is critical to ensure a successful climb. You should ensure that your climbing shoes are a snug fit, with no empty space and little room to move your foot around. However, you also need to be aware of the dangers of fitting climbing shoes too tight. It is important that your shoes are tight, but do not squeeze your feet into very small shoes. While this may help you to get on smaller holds, comfort is crucial and wearing ill-fitting shoes can have a significantly negative impact on your performance.

However, there should not be any space in your shoe, and it is important to make sure that the fit around the ankle bone is comfortable. All of our climbing footwear is in line with standard Australian and New Zealand sizing, for further information and specific measurements check out the sizing guide next to each item. If you have ordered your footwear online and your shoes are not the correct size, you are welcome to exchange them in any of our nationwide stores.

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