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Does Anaconda have a Large Range of Footwear?

Yes, we stock an enormous range of footwear for men, ladies and kids, including casual, running, hiking, training and walking shoes and boots. All you have to do is take a stride!

We additionally have a broad choice of specialized footwear for cycling, diving and climbing. And in addition we have snow boots, gaiters and work wear, all designed to industry standards.

Searching for something more day to day? Check out our selection of shoes and thongs.

How do I find the best walking or hiking shoe for me?

Selecting the best walking and hiking boot can seem like an overwhelming choice with the amount of choice on offer. Hopefully we can provide some assistance in narrowing down this choice for you and making your task a little easier.

Walking and hiking shoes are made with specific environments in mind. The characteristics of the shoe or boot such as the stiffness of the soul and the height of the ankle will vary based on the type of terrain you will be hitting. For well-trodden paths a lightweight, low shoe or boot should do the trick however if walking on steep uneven terrain, stiffer souls with greater ankle support will be better.

Then there are some shoes that are designed with versatility in mind so that you can use them across purposes and these will suit those who would like to do both and are not hitting the extremes of use on either type of terrain.

How do I get the right fit?

This is the most important aspect of getting the right shoe. Getting the shoe that fits the size and shape as well as movement of your foot is vitally important. For example some people have wider feet than other and less toe flexibility and thus may require wide boot with a stiffer soul, to avoid stressing the feet on long walks.

There are many variables to be considered and we recommend coming into store to have your feet accurately measured, to help find the best boots for your individual feet.

Tell me about Water-Proofing

One of the most common questions we get asked is about whether this boot or that shoe is waterproof, because no one likes a soggy foot! Generally most of our casual shoes are not waterproof however when it comes to our hiking shoes in almost all cases there is some level of water protection. These shoes are often lined with a waterproof membrane but it important to keep in mind that breathability is an important factor in keeping your feet dry as there is the potential for sweat and condensation to lead to soggy feet.

One of the best ways to avoid soggy feet is to buy a shoe with a Gore-Tex membrane which allows your foot to breathe whilst keeping it protected from external moisture.

Gaiters are another good way to keep the water out, as well as pebbles and other bits and pieces.

Leather or Synthetic?

It used to be that leather boots were better in that they were more durable however these days there is less difference and it is most important to find the right shoe that suits your purpose and fits your foot. This is the best place to start.

Happy walking folks!



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