Landing Nets & Gaffs

Landing nets and drops nets help fishermen to land their catch safely and reduce the chances of losing that once-in-a-lifetime specimen. In some cases, if big fish are particularly hard to land, use of a gaff might help you secure your catch, although it does take a bit of practice! Here at Anaconda, you can buy fishing gaffs and landing nets in a variety of sizes for various species of fish, as well as prawn scooping nets and retractable nets. Landing nets can be made from rubber, PVC or silicone and we stock nets by all the leading fishing brands.

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Can I purchase netting, gaffs, traps and bait pumps from Anaconda?

Yes, you can. At Anaconda, we have everything that you need to make sure that your fishing trip is a success, including this fabulous selection of netting, gaffs, traps and bait pumps. Whether you are crabbing, shopping for bait accessories, or looking for a net to help you catch and release, we have got you covered. Shop the range now and find incredible deals on our top range of fishing tools, accessories, supplies and equipment.

What is included in this range?

This range includes a whole host of fishing tools, equipment and accessories that will help to improve your fishing experience. At Anaconda, we have a wide range of fishing nets in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and our selection of nets are fish friendly and have been designed with the angler in mind. This range also includes crabs traps and yabbie drops to help you pick up shellfish. If you prefer to use worms as bait, a bait pump can be a great way to save money on your bait and quickly capture the freshest of worms. Whether you are crab or shrimp fishing, aiming to catch a monster fish, or looking for the perfect way to keep your bait on the hook, discover our netting, gaffs, traps and bait pumps online or at your local Anaconda store.

Do you have any tips for fishing with nets?

Well, that does depend on the conditions that you are fishing in and your target fish. Fishing nets help you to retrieve your fish which reduces the amount of time the fish is in the water; this then helps to prevent the fish from throwing the hook and getting away. This is particularly important as part of the catch and release method, which is associated with more sustainable fishing and protecting our most vulnerable species. It is important always to use a good quality net that is fish friendly, and if you are releasing your fish, handle it with wet hands only and keep the fish in the water as long as possible.There are many different types of netting to choose from, including our selection of crab traps and yabbie drops. Always make sure before you begin fishing that your net or trap is in perfect shape and that all the mechanisms are working successfully.

How do I use a bait pump?

Bait pumps are a great way of obtaining fresh bait, and they are often used for the extraction of black lugworms which many types of fish love to snack on. It is better to pump at low tide, with bait often found at the lowest part of the shore on more exposed coasts. It is important that you are aware of the weather conditions in your area and that you have some knowledge of the tidal flow before you set out. Place the pump over the lugworm's faecal cast, and then suction is used to withdraw sand and the worm from the ground. Be careful, as it is possible to tear the bait in the process and remember that practice makes perfect. When you have finished collecting your bait, it is always important to clean out your bait pump thoroughly. It may also require some lubrication with oil to ensure that it keeps working for longer. Take the hard work out of digging bait, and shop our superb selection of bait pumps at Anaconda.



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