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Aerator pumps are designed specifically to deliver a quantity of water to keep bait or catch alive and healthy. Aerator pumps can be used on boats or when fishing along the shore, and are lightweight and easy to operate.

Here at Anaconda, find all your fishing gear, accessories and essentials for all types of fishing at great, everyday prices.

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Can I buy aerators at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. If you are looking for a way to keep you live bait healthy, or want to keep fish for a period of time before releasing them back into the water, an aerator pump may be just what you need. You will need an aerator if you intend to keep the bait alive for long periods of time, such as overnight.

Why would I need to use an aerator?

If you have a large amount of bait, or live fish, in an enclosed space such as a bait bucket or a fish tank or holding container, there is a risk of them using up the oxygen in the water more quickly than you might expect. This can depend on factors such as the size of the tank, the weather, the temperature of the water, etc. An aerator will add oxygen to the water allowing you to keep your bait or fish alive and healthy for longer.

The major considerations in aeration are:

1. The gentleness and direction of water flow.
2. The size and number of the air bubbles.
3. The temperature of the water.

What else do I need to know about using aerators?

Delicate bait such as shad, greenbacks and croakers that will swim in schools will not survive a day of fishing unless the water flow in the bucket or container (ideally round or oval in shape) is soft and gentle. Turbulent water will damage the bait and force them to work against the current. Ideal water flow within the bucket should be approximately 1 to 2 MPH and in a circular motion. This will allow fish to school and provide a smooth flow of water over and through their gills. If the water flow is excessive, bait will tire quickly and will not be lively. Keep water flow as low as possible, with fish swimming in a stationary position within the tank

Species that do not school do not need a circular or oval container. Keep the water flow to a minimum for fish such as bass, redfish, crappie, bream, and walleye. For shrimp, it is important to provide material in the container so they can cling to something and are not swirling about the container, which may cause them to become damaged.

Portable battery driven aerators are light and compact and therefore ideal to have with you as part of your fishing supplies, and will ensure that your fishing adventure does not end earlier than expected because your bait have died.

Netting Gaffs Traps Bait and Pumps

Here at Anaconda, we have all the equipment you’ll need to catch all sorts of aquatic wildlife whether its fish, crabs, prawns, crayfish or live bait for fishing.

Fishing Nets

Anaconda offers a wide assortment of netting equipment that have been specifically designed to catch different types of wildlife. Check out our range of fish handling nets, crab pots, cray pots and shrimp nets.

After reeling in a catch, using a landing net lets you quickly get a handle of the fish and not risk losing it before it sufficiently gets tired. You can even use the landing net while the fish is still in the water, which is important if you intend to catch and release.

Here at Anaconda, you can buy modern landing nets that use lightweight frames and handles, as well as rubber mesh nets that will help protect the fish’s protective slime layer, which it needs to prevent infections. Regular nylon nets will simply scrape off this protective slime or mucus which takes a long time to regenerate, and leaves the fish more vulnerable once it’s set free.

If you want to keep your fish as fresh as possible before coming back to shore, we carry scaler bags that allow you to tow any fish you catch behind your boat while you continue on fishing. By the time you come back to shore, the fish will already be slime and scale free and ready to clean.

Bait Accessories

Do you prefer using live bait over artificial lures? Anaconda has lots of live bait accessories that will make fishing with live bait much more convenient.

Check out the Black Magic Bait Buddy which is a fine elasticised thread that helps to keep your bait from falling off your hook. It also makes using soft baits like shellfish much easier.

Anaconda also sells bait buckets or bait holders to keep your live bait secure and within arm’s reach. We also offer waterproof aerators that help keep your bait alive while in storage.

To keep costs down, you can catch your own live bait instead of having to constantly buy them from a bait and tackle shop. All you need is a bait pump, and you can collect your own bait ranging from fresh yabbies, sand worms, beach worms, wriggler worms to pipis. We also sell washer kits that contain a wide range of different washer sizes so you can repair any bait pump on your own.

Crab Pots, Cray Pots and Shrimp Nets

Crabbing and prawning are both extremely fun activities that the whole family can enjoy. You don’t need a lot of equipment or invest a huge sum to get started. Check out our selection of very affordable crab pots, cray pots and shrimp nets from top brands like Wilson and Jarvis Walker. Anaconda also sells poly rope of different lengths so you don’t end up leaving your crab traps and cray pots in the bottom of ocean.

We also offer other essential crabbing accessories like bait bags and pouches, so your bait doesn’t get entirely eaten up while crabs are stuck in your trap. If you’re laying down multiple crab traps, we also sell floats or buoys that allow you to mark where the traps are located. Anaconda also sells crabbing ID kits that come with waterproof tags and markers, so you can properly label your traps and let everyone else know who it belongs to.

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