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Fishing Nets

Fishing Nets

Anaconda offers a great range of fishing nets to help rein in your next epic catch.

Long fishing nets, short fishing nets, retractable fishing nets, round fishing nets, triangular fishing nets... Fishing nets big or small, Anaconda's got it all.

Make sure that sucker doesn't become the one that got away, today!

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Can I buy fishing nets at Anaconda?

Yes, you can you can buy a range of fishing nets here at Anaconda from various leading brands. All of our fishing nets have been designed to help to protect the great outdoors that we love so much and the animals that live in it. Reduce your footprint on the environment and help to protect Australia’s vulnerable species, with one of our fantastic fishing nets; available now at great value prices.

Why use a fishing net?

Fishing nets help you to retrieve your fish which reduces the amount of time the fish is in the water, this then helps to prevent the fish from throwing the hook and getting away. Fishing nets will also help to protect your hands from sharp hooks when you are retrieving your catch. Most, importantly nets are a key tool in ensuring a successful catch and release, which has an important role to play in protecting our fish.

Which net should I choose from Anaconda?

Well, that is up to you really, and the target fish that you are hoping to catch. We recommend that you consider the size of your net mesh as well as the size of the net itself. Ideally, you should be able to use the net to scoop the fish up in one smooth movement, as this will help to prevent thrashing in the water, which can increase the risk of knocked hooks.

What is the catch and release method?

Here at Anaconda, we believe fully in doing everything that we can to protect the great outdoors that we love so much, and as part of this we are committed to sustainable fishing. All of our fishing nets have been purposely designed to prevent the fish from experiencing any harm when he has been caught so that he can be released back into the water to hopefully spawn. Catch and release is particularly important as it can help to protect our most vulnerable species, such as Australian Bass, estuary perch and cod. Follow our handy hints below to help ensure that your catch will live to be caught another day.

Use barbless hooks: Barbed hooks can cause serious damage to your catch with wounds possibly being fatal.

Use a good quality net: Nets allow you to retrieve and land a fish in the most effective manner, and all of our high quality nets here at Anaconda have been designed to be fish friendly

Get Wet: Make sure your hands are wet before you handle the fish. Dry hands remove the fish’s slime, a protective layer of mucus on the fish that helps to shield it from fungus, bacteria and parasites.

Watch his head: A fish’s head is extremely fragile, and head injuries are the leading cause of fish mortality when released.

Avoid the shore: Use your net to reel in the fish, and do not allow it to be reeled in on land. Keep it in the water for as long as possible, holding him there while a friend readies his camera for that all important photo.

Let the fish guide you: Lower your fish gently in the water, facing upstream. Do not move the fish in the water, just hold until it gently until the fish sees fit to make his escape.

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