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Find everything you need to keep all your fishing gear organised and ready to go at a moment's notice! Explore the fishing storage range at Anaconda.

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What kind of fishing storage products does Anaconda sell?

Here at Anaconda, you'll find everything you need to keep all your fishing gear organised and ready to go at a moment's notice. We carry a selection of high quality tackle boxes, lure wallets, bait buckets, wading bags and rod holders from brands like Plano, Shimano, Jarvis Walker, Daiwa, Alvey and Mojiko, among many others.

Why do I need specialised storage equipment for fishing?

As you become a more experienced angler, you'll eventually acquire more and more equipment and accessories. Fishing storage designed for specific types of fishing tackle ensures that you'll be able to safely store and enjoy your favourite fishing gear for a long time to come. And when you're out in the water, choosing the right type of fishing storage ensures that you'll always have your favourite fishing gear with you and easily accessible at all times.

What kind of tackle boxes can I find at Anaconda?

We sell both hard shell plastic and soft-sided tackle boxes. Traditionally, anglers used heavy wood or metal boxes to store all sorts of fishing tackle like hooks, lines, sinkers and lures. Nowadays, tackle boxes are made out of molded plastic whether it's a hard shell or a soft-sided box.

Hard tackle boxes resemble toolboxes and have lots of little compartments to keep your tackle organised. Soft sided tackle boxes use several small plastic tackle boxes that can be easily fitted inside a larger soft bag, which is much easier to carry around.

Without a good storage solution your assortment of fishing tackle can get tangled up pretty badly, which is difficult to undo quickly. By keeping your delicate and fragile tackle snugly enclosed in their own little compartments, it's always ready to go whenever you need it. Tackle boxes also keep your lures from moving around too much which can scratch up their paint and damage really delicate parts.

Anaconda also sells lure wallets which are even more portable than the smallest tackle boxes available. Lure wallets are perfect for the minimalist angler, and lets you easily carry around your favourite lures and jigs.

What other fishing storage solutions does Anaconda offer?

Aside from tackle boxes, Anaconda also sells wearable bags that are designed specifically for recreational fishing. These fishing bags are typically used to hold equipment that need to be within easy reach like pliers, dehookers, knives, drinks and other supplies and accessories.

We also carry many different types of rod holders for trolling, as well as for transport and storage. We have rod holders specifically designed for kayaks and canoes that use a clamp for security, as well as rod holders for regular motorised fishing boats. Anaconda also sells rod holders that can be stuck in the ground or in the sand when fishing from the shore. You'll also find fishing rod holders for storing multiple rods safely at home.

Finally, Anaconda also carries different bait buckets to keep your live bait fresh and secure during transport and while you've still got a fresh lure in the water.



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