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Make Anaconda your go-to for a range of quality fishing rods and accessories including spin rods, bait caster rods and more. The best brands of fishing rods are all found under one roof at Anaconda, Australia's favourite outdoor equipment specialist. Explore our huge range of fishing poles and rods online for the latest deals.

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What are the Different Types of Fishing Rods at Anaconda?

There are hundreds of fishing rod (also known as fishing poles) products available at Anaconda online or in-store. The rod options and gear you choose should provide all-round fishing satisfaction according to your fishing style. Fishing is an ideal way to connect with the outdoors, and fishing rods make great gifts, fun accessories and partners for life. At Anaconda, the quality choices are all yours, whether you are a beginner dipping your toes in the water or an experienced boatie looking for the best fishing rod available.

With the right fishing rod in experienced hands, there is a far greater chance of a successful fishing trip, and the fishing rod choices at Anaconda are designed to satisfy every type of angler.

  • Casting rods: a well-balanced casting rod allows you to accurately place the bait or lure. Casting rods are a great option for the casual and experienced angler.
  • Spinning rods: slightly smaller and lighter than casting rods, with spinning reel underneath, spinning fishing rods are used by amateur fishermen worldwide.
  • Fly rods: these rods are usually thin, flexible and lightweight, allowing the angler to work the rod and bait back and forth across river or stream.
  • Sea fishing rods: designed for use on boats, sea fishing rods are thick, heavy-duty, and usually quite short in case tough shark or a game fish take the bait.
  • Rock fishing rods: safety starts with appropriate fishing gear, footwear and clothing. An extra-length durable rock fishing rod allows you to land big fish from a safe distance.
  • Surf rods: deserving of their own category for Australians, surf rods allow you to wade in for a long cast, settle into your favourite beach chair, enjoy the serenity, and wait for the action.

What Type of Fishing Gear Can I Find at Anaconda?

At Anaconda, we have a massive range of fishing gear, equipment and accessories for all your fishing needs. You will discover high-quality life jackets, fishing clothing, storage options, clothing accessories, men's jackets, fishing lures, fishing lines, rod holders, transport covers, fishing reels, and so much more. Everything you need for your need fishing adventure can be found at Anaconda.

How Long Should a Fishing Rod Be?

It's never too soon to learn how to fish, and most youngsters start off with a hand reel at some point. However, it won't be long before more substantial fishing equipment is required to bring home the catch of the day, and experienced anglers own various fishing rods suited for different purposes. Extremely long surf rods are a common sight on Australian beaches, while shorter, stouter rods are ideal for use on sea-going vessels.

If you are planning on fly fishing, you will require a whip-like fly rod. You will also be benefited by good wading pants/boots for full waterproofing. For beginners, a spinning reel rod is a good option. They are a basic set-up without too many moving parts. You don't generally need to cast long distances, making a compact fishing rod set-up a good choice while you are adapting your personalised fishing style.

If you catch the fishing bug, it won't be long before you own a range of rods for various types of fishing. It isn't surprising, especially as Anaconda offers a lowest price guarantee, a superior range of products and an unbeatable online or in-store purchasing experience.

Find the Right Fishing Rods & Fishing Gear at Anaconda

When looked after correctly, a quality rod and reel can last a lifetime. That's why serious anglers choose Anaconda products for marine supplies, fishing, hiking, camping and 4WD adventures. Taking care of business is easy when you have specialist apparel and equipment on your side, whether it's a surf rod, overhead rod, casting rod, bait caster or boat fishing rod for deep-sea fishing.

Shop our entire range of fishing rods for sale, fishing gear, equipment and accessories online or visit us in-store today. For everything fishing-related, explore our complete fishing range at Anaconda.



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