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Shop quality fishing reels for your next fishing adventure! Find amazing reels including baitcaster reels & spinning reels for beginners & professionals.

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Fishing reels are a big deal for any angler, and the range of spinning reels at Anaconda can't be matched. We have baitcaster reels, overhead reels, fly fishing reels and additional fishing reel varieties. Anaconda partners with major angling brands such as Daiwa, Penn, Shimano, Abu Garcia and Berkley, so customers can have confidence in the products they purchase. Australia offers the full spectrum of fishing experiences, and you can purchase fishing rods, fishing tackle, tackle boxes, fishing line and big game equipment at Anaconda. Shop online or in-store, and appreciate lowest available prices on all stocked items.


There are lots of fishing reels the modern angler can choose from. The fishing line and fishing rod capacity will influence fishing reel choices, while spincast reels, baitcasting reels, fly fishing reels and game fishing reels can have slow and high speed gear ratio for optimum performance. Smaller fishing rods and fishing reels are ideal for kayak fishing and estuary fishing, while surf fisherman require large fishing rods and reels to set their bait beyond the breakers.

Most anglers require a combination of different fishing reels suitable for many different fishing situations and environments. Top reel options at Anaconda include the Shimano Stradic CI4, Penn Spinfisher and Daiwa BG models. The extensive Anaconda fishing reel range is adaptable to all varieties of fishing rods and fishing line. If you enjoy saltwater ocean big game fishing, or freshwater lake fly fishing, we have the right spool for you, along with highest quality waders, life jackets and tackle boxes on the market.


Spincast reels from Daiwa, Penn and Shimano are recommended options for beginners. Starter choices are affordable for anyone who wants to get into fishing without breaking the bank.

The baitcaster is a popular reel for more advanced anglers. A baitcaster reel requires more skill than the spincast reel, and are favoured by more experienced anglers who have honed their technique. A baitcaster fishing reel gives you power and versatility, with better baitcasting control and accuracy, allowing you to chase your target fish. Big game anglers also appreciate baitcaster fishing reels and heavy duty fishing rods.

The spinning reel is just as popular as the baitcaster. At Anaconda, the choices are all yours for a fishing reel you feel comfortable with. Like the baitcaster, the spinning reel can be used in saltwater and freshwater conditions. With a versatile spinning reel, you can fish with confidence almost anywhere in Australia.


The fly-fishing reel is different. Some fly-fishing reels look very basic, almost like the rim of a car tire. Despite their simple look, the fly-fishing reel is remarkably durable and one of the more reliable choices among reels. A quality fly fishing reel from Anaconda Australia can last a lifetime, making it money well spent.


With a bigger range of outdoor, camping and fishing gear than anyone else in Australia, Anaconda is the go-to store for all fishing rods, fishing reels and other fishing equipment. At Anaconda, we have high quality fishing shirts, waders, and other apparel, plus cast nets, hard body lures, jig heads, squid jigs, multi-tool pliers and rod holders. Anglers trust name brands such as Alvey, Berkley, Rovex, Jarvis Walker, Rapala and Abu Garcia.

The Anaconda collection of overhead reels, fly fishing reels, spinning reels, spincast reels and baitcaster reels is just the beginning. Browse our selection of anglers equipment such as spools, trolling gear, waders, kayaks, fishing line and jigging gear. If you need baitrunner reels, electric reels, game fishing reels, fly reels and other equipment from Penn, Shimano and Daiwa, Anaconda is your one-stop-shop. We also have a wide range of estuary fishing gear such as crab pots and cast nets, plus low profile roof racks for transporting all your fishing gear safely.



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